Provosts and Lord Provosts of Dundee.

The Minutes of the Town Council of Dundee which are still in existence do not bear an earlier date than 1553; but as the names of the Provost, Dean of Guild, and Treasurer for the time being were usually entered in the Lockit Book over every name of an admitted Burgess, we are thus able to obtain a more complete list from it than the regular Minute Books afford. To make this list still more comprehensive, elaborate research has been made amongst contemporary charters and documents, and by these means the blanks which formerly existed in this portion of the history of Dundee have been largely filled up.

The following names may be found in the Lockit Book, HAY's "Charters and Writs of Dundee," "Documents illustrative of Scottish History," " The Exchequer Rolls of Scotland," Registrum Magni Sigilli Regum Scoto,rum, Regiqtrum  De Panmure, Registrum Nigrum De  Aberbrothoc, Registrum Vetus  De Aberbrothoc, Libri  De Balmorinach et Lundoris, Registrum Episcopatus Brechinensis, "Charters and Documents of the Weaver Trade of Dundee," "Register of the Privy Council of Scotland," Acts Parliagnentorum, &c., &c. Where no Provost's name has been found in the earlier portion of the list, the names of the principal Bailies who presented the accounts of the burgh to the KING'S Exchequer have been inserted.


1286 Radulfo Magister de Dundee  
1330 Fordoun (Senior) Richard de Provost
1341 Balmossy Alan de Bailie
1341 Haia Peter de Bailie
1341 Both William de Bailie
1341 Fourdoun (Junior) Richard de Bailie
1342 Both Nicolas de Provost
1342 Scralyn Alexander de Bailie
1343 Forbour Stephen Bailie
1360 Parker Patrick Bailie
1362 Harden William de Bailie
1362 Angus Thomas of Bailie
1364 Harden William de Bailie
1365 Parker Andrew Bailie
1365 Clerk John Bailie
1366 Skyrmechour Alex Constable
1366 Inverpefre William de Bailie
1367 Parker Andrew Bailie
1369 Harden William de Provost
1375 Ayre Galfrid Bailie
1376 Spalding Richard Bailie
1377 Brow Laurence Bailie
1377 Bell Robert Bailie
1379 Clerk Thomas Bailie
1380 Templeman Robert Bailie
1381 Bell Robert Bailie
1382 Jedworth Hugh de Bailie
1383 Bell Robert Bailie
1384 Templeman Robert Bailie
1384 Aberkirdor David de Bailie
1384 Mortuo Mari John de Bailie
1387 Scott Richard Bailie
1388 Templeman Robert Bailie
1389 Jedworth Hugh de Bailie
1390 Templeman Robert Bailie
1391 Inverpefre William de Bailie
1392 Scott Richard Bailie
1393 Clerk William Bailie
1393 Young John Bailie
1395 Scott Richard Bailie
1396 Templeman Richard Bailie
1397 Scott Richard Bailie
1398 Guthry Robert de Bailie
1401 Lyndesai John de Bailie
1402 Scott Richard Bailie
1402 Baldovy Michael de Bailie
1403 *Guthrie Robert de Bailie
1404 Templeman Robert Bailie
1405 Scott Richard Bailie
1406-7 Clerk Adam Bailie
1409 Scott Richard Bailie
1410 Mortuo Mari John Bailie
1410 Andrewson John Bailie
1412-14 Scott Richard Bailie and Clerk of Coquet
1415-18 Elgy James Bailie
1420 Disart Galfrid de Bailie
1421 Parcare Duncan Bailie
1421 Clerk Thomas Bailie
1421 Blare William de Bailie
1422-24 Parcare Duncan Bailie
1425-28 Disart Galfrid de Bailie
1429 Strathechyn William de Provost
1429 Plater William Bailie
1431 Playfair William Bailie
1434 Ferne Simon de Bailie
1435 Blare Alexander d Bailie
1435 Aberkirdor David de Bailie
1435 Spalding David de Bailie
1438 Ferne Simon de Bailie
1442 Spalding David Bailie
1443 Strathain William de Provost
1444-45 Grynlaw Walter Bailie
1446 Strathain William de Bailie
1447-48 Fotheringhame James de Bailie
1449 Balmanach Robert de Bailie
1450 Fotheringhame James de Bailie
1451 Grenelaw Walter Bailie
1453 Fotheringhame James de Bailie
1454 Deuchre Robert Bailie
1454 Fotheringhame Henry of Powrie Provost
1455 Deuchre Malcolm de Bailie
1456 Guthrie David Bailie
1457 Grinlaw Walter Bailie
1459 Spalding David Bailie
1459 Spalding Thomas Provost
1460 Strathauchtyne William de Provost
1461 Scrymgeour John Provost
1462 Deuchir Robert de Bailie
1463 Aberkirdor David Provost
1463-64 Blare James Provost
1464-66 Fotheringhame James de Bailie
1466 Graham Robert Provost
1467 Guthrie Malcolm Bailie
1468 Aberkirdor David Bailie
1469 Moncurr Andrew Bailie
1469-70 Hay John Provost
1470 Guthrie Malcolm Provost
1472-75 Guthrie Malcolm Bailie
1476 Fullerton James Provost
1477 Rollock David Bailie
1478-79 Graham Robert of Fintry Bailie
1480 Guthrie Malcolm Bailie
1481 Fotheringhame James Bailie
1482… Rollock David Provost


All Entries now of Provosts

1483 Graham Robert of Fintry Provost
1483-84 Aberkirdor David Provost
1485 Rollock James Provost
1492-97 Scrymgeour James, Constable of Dundee Provost
1497-98 Graham Robert of Fintry Provost
1504 Rollock James Provost
1509 Ogilvie Alexander Provost
1513 Gray Lord Provost
1513 Abercrombie Andrew Provost
1513-14 Crauford Earl of Provost
1514-16 Rollock James Provost
1516-20 Scrymgeour James, Constable of Dundee Provost
1520-23 Ogilvie Alexander Provost
1523-25 Scrymgeour James, Constable of Dundee Provost
1525-26 Carmichael William of Carpow Provost
1526-28 Scrymgeour John of Glaister Provost
1528-30 Scrymgeour James, Constable of Dundee Provost
1531-32 Barrie John Provost
1543-44 Scrymgeour Walter of Glaswell Provost
1544-45 Myln Robert Provost
1550 Dog James of Dunrobbene Provost
1551-65 Halyburton James Provost
1565-66 Crauford Earl of Provost
1566-86 Halyburton James Provost
1586-90 Scrymgeour James of Dudhope Provost
1590-92 Forrester James Provost
1592-93 Auchinlek James Provost
1593-1609 Scrymgeour James Provost
1609-14 Duncan William Provost
1614-26 Auchinlek William Provost
1626-31 Haliburton Thomas Provost
1631-33 Auchinlek Thomas Provost
1633-37 Davidson Thomas Provost
1637-43 Fletcher James Provost
1643-46 Piersone James Provost
Sept 1646-50 Kinneris William Provost
Sept 1650-58 Mudy Thomas Provost
Sept 1658-59 Mudy Sir Thomas Provost
Sept 1659-66 Wedderburn Alexander Provost
Sept 1666-67 Fletcher George Provost
Sept 1667-69 Brown George Provost
Sept 1669-70 Tarbat John Provost
Sept 1670-72 Watson Alexander Provost
Sept 1672-77 Brown George Provost
Sept 1677-81 Wedderburn Alex. of Easter Powrie Provost
Sept 1681-85 Duncan Alexander Provost
Sept 1685-86 Fletcher James Provost
Sept 1686 Election of Magistrates Prohibited by the King Provost
Dec 1686-87 Graham Maj Gen John of Claverhouse, appointed by Royal Warrant Provost
Sept 1687-88 Fletcher James Provost
Sept 1688-89 Graham Maj Gen John Provost
Sept 1689-98 Fletcher James Provost
Sept 1698-1700 Blair Alexander Provost
Sept 1700-02 Scrymgeour John Provost
Sept 1702-04 Duncan John Provost
Sept 1704-06 Blair Alexander Provost
Sept 1706-08 Yeaman George Provost
Sept 1708-10 Blair Alexander Provost
Sept 1710-12 Yeaman George Provost
Sept 1712-14 Guthrie Magister Henry Provost
Sept 1714-16 Ballingall Alexander Provost
Sept 1716-17 Scrymgeour John Provost
Sept 1717-19 Duncan Magister Alexander of Lundie Provost
Sept 1719-21 Scrymgeour John Provost
Sept 1721-23 Bower Thomas Provost
Sept 1723-25 Maxwell David Provost
Sept 1725-27 Ramsay George Provost
Sept 1727-28 Ferrier Alexander Provost
Sept 1728-31 Fairweather James Provost
Sept 1731-32 Robertson Alexander Provost
Sept 1732-35 Fairweather James Provost
Sept 1735-36 Maxwell Patrick Provost
Sept 1736-38 Wardropper Andrew Provost
Sept 1738-41 Donaldson John Provost
Sept 1741-42 Robertson Alexander Provost
Sept 1742-44 Yeaman Patrick of Blacklaw Provost
Sept 1744-47 Duncan Alexander of Lundie Provost
Sept 1747-48 Yeaman Patrick of Blacklaw Provost
Sept 1748-50 Yeaman George of Balbeuchly Provost
Sept 1750-53 Yeaman Patrick of Blacklaw Provost
Sept 1753-54 Wardropper Andrew Provost
Sept 1754-57 Yeaman Patrick Provost
Sept 1757-58 Wardropper Andrew Provost
Sept 1758-61 Yeaman George Provost
Sept 1761-62 Yeaman Patrick Provost
Sept 1762-64 Halyburton John Provost
Sept 1764-66 Barclay John Provost
Sept 1766-68 Maxwell Patrick Provost
Sept 1768-70 Maxwell George Provost
Sept 1770-72 Maxwell Patrick Provost
Sept 1772-74 Geekie Henry Provost
Sept 1774-76 Maxwell Patrick Provost
Sept 1776-78 Maxwell George of Balmyle Provost
Sept 1778-80 Geekie Henry Provost
Sept 1780-82 Maxwell Patrick Provost
Sept 1782-84 Pitcairn John Provost
Sept 1784-86 Maxwell Patrick Provost
Sept 1786-88 Pitcairn John Provost
Sept 1788-90 Riddoch Alexander Provost
Sept 1790-92 Johnston James Provost
Sept 1792-94 Riddoch Alexander Provost
Sept 1794-96 Thoms Alexander Provost
Sept 1796-98 Riddoch Alexander Provost
Sept 1798-1800 Thoms Alexander Provost
Sept 1800-02 Riddoch Alexander Provost
Sept 1802-04 Guild John Provost
Sept 1804-07 Riddoch Alexander Provost
Sept 1807-08 Guild John Provost
Sept 1808-10 Riddoch Alexander Provost
Sept 1810-12 Guild John Provost
Sept 1812-14 Riddoch Alexander Provost
Sept 1814-16 Guild John Provost
Sept 1816-18 Riddoch Alexander Provost
Sept-1818-20 Anderson Patrick Provost
Sept 1820-22 Brown David Provost
Sept 1822-24 Anderson Patrick Provost
Sept 1824-26 Brown David Provost
Sept 1826-28 Balfour Alexander Provost
Sept 1828-30 Bell Thomas Provost
July 1831 Jobson Robert Provost
Sept 1831-33 Lindsay William Provost
Nov 1833-39 Kay Alexander Provost
Nov 1839-41 Hackney William (April 1841) Provost
Nov 1841 Johnstone William Provost
Nov 1841-44 Lawson Alexander Provost
Nov 1844-47 Brown James Provost
Nov 1847-53 Thoms Patrick Hunter Provost
Nov 1853-56 Rough George Provost
Nov 1856-58 Ewan John Provost
Jan 1858 Rollo David Provost
Nov 1858-61 Jobson David Provost
Nov 1861-67 Parker Charles Provost
Nov 1867-69 Hay William Provost
July 1869-72 Yeaman James Provost
Nov 1872-75 Cox James Provost
Nov 1875-78 Robertson William Provost
Nov 1878-81 Brownlee William Provost
Nov 1881-84 Moncur Alexander Hay Provost
Nov 1884-87 Ballingal Hugh Provost
1887-90 Hunter William Provost

Lord Provosts of Dundee

1890-93 Mathewson Alexander Lord Provost
1893-96 Low Sir James  - Baronet Lord Provost
1896-99 McGrady Henry Lord Provost
1899-1902 Hunter William Lord Provost
1902-05 Barrie Charles Lord Provost
1905-08 Longair William Lord Provost
1908-14 Urquhart Sir James Lord Provost
1914-20 Don Sir William Lord Provost
1920-23 Spence Sir Alexander Lord Provost
1923-29 High Sir William Lord Provost
1929-32 Johnstone George Anderson Lord Provost
1932-35 Buist William Hunter Lord Provost
1935-40 Phin Sir John Lord Provost
1940-46 Wilson Sir Garnet Lord Provost
1946-49 Powrie Archibald Lord Provost
1949- Adamson James Campsie Lord Provost
1949-52 Fenton Richard Lord Provost
1952-54 Black William Lord Provost
1954-60 Hughes William Lord Provost
1960-68 McManus Maurice Lord Provost
1968-70 MacKenzie Alexander Lord Provost
1970-73 Fitzgerald William Lord Provost
1973-75 Moore Thomas Lord Provost
1975-77 Farquhar Charles D.P. Lord Provost
1977-80 Vaughan Henry W.C. Lord Provost
1980-84 Gowans James P. Lord Provost
1984-92 Mitchell Thomas Lord Provost
1992-95 McDonald Thomas M. Lord Provost
1995-96 McGowan Norman A. Lord Provost
1996-99 Rolfe Mervyn J. Lord Provost
1999- Wright Helen Lord Provost
20..-2012 Letford John Lord Provost