4th Battalion The Black Watch and The Battle of Loos - 25th September 1915.

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Lads o' valour, lads o' grit,
Lads wha's frames are strongly knit,
Lads wha strike hard whom they hit,
Are in the Fourth.

The 'Great Push' found them tae the fore,
Like their sires in days of yore.
'Marmalade!' Eh, what a roar!
Cam" frae the Fourth.

They cared not for the rifles' spit,
They were oot tae dae their bit,
They've proved that they are lads o' grit,
Oor gallant Fourth.

'On the ba', Dundee', they cried
They as steel in fire were tried,
Nobly lived and nobly died,
Lads o' the Fourth.

When o' wordly cares I'm free,
And I've crossed the 'sullen sea',
Weel tae the fore I ken I'll see
Lads o' the Fourth.

The People's Journal, 16 October 1915

4th Battalion

4th Black Watch - Tay Bridge

Loos Memorial



4th Battalion BW




The day you marched away,
Dundee's Own,
Our hearts were like to break,
Dundee's Own.
But you smiled away our tears,
And we stifled all our fears,
Changing them to ringing cheers
For Dundee's Own.


But alas our hearts are sad,
Dundee's Own.
We mourn your sleeping brave,
Dundee's Own.
Mid the storm of shot and shell
Where the gallant heroes fell
There lie broken hearts as well
With Dundee's Own.


When Neuve Chapelle was o'er,
Dundee's Own,
We gloried in your deeds,
Dundee's Own!
For we knew the town's good name
Had been honoured by your fame,
You had bravely played the game
For Dundee's Own!


When victorious you march home,
Dundee's Own,
To the city proud to call you
Dundee's Own.
If we're quiet do not wonder.
We are glad, so glad, yet ponder
On the loved ones left out yonder,
Dundee's Own!