The Memorial on the Dundee Law

The Unveiling of the War Memorial on the Dundee Law - Saturday 16th May 1925.

At a public meeting held on the 14th January 1919. it was unanimously decided to take steps to erect a Memorial in theLaw Memorial City to commemorate the sacrifice made by over 4000 Dundee Citizens during the Great War, 1914-1918.

A Committee was appointed, and after very serious consideration, it was finally resolved that the permission of the Town Council should be asked to allow the memorial to the erected on the Law of Dundee.

The Council granted this request and a competition was held under the auspices of R.I.B.A., and Sir Robert Lorimer of Edinburgh, was appointed assessor. The competition was won by Mr Thomas Braddock, 8 The Ridgeway, Wimbledon.

The Memorial is built of Cornish Granite with a Bronze Brazier surmounting it, and occupies a magnificen site on the South end of the Law and can been seennot only from most parts of the City, but also for many miles in the surrounding Countryside.

The Inscription on the Memorial is simple: -


A book containing the names of all the Dundee men who fell in the Great War would also be compiled and placed in the Town Hall.

Alsothe names would be shown on panelsmounted on a handsom Oak Stand to be placed in the Art Gallery of the Albert Institute (now strangely called the McManus).


The Unveiling Ceremony in 1925



The introduction of General Sir Ian Hamilton, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., by the Chaiman of the committee W. H. Buist, Esq., O.B.E., J.P. (Convenor of the War Memorial Committee.

Unveiling - by General Sir Ian Hamilton

Dedication and Prayer - by Reverend A. W. Ferguson, D.D.

The Last Post played by the 'Buglers' followed by two minutes silence and the 'Revelle' played by the 'Buglers'.

The Chairman then handed over the Memorial to the Lord Provost of the City of Dundee, Mr William High, who also thanked General Hamilton for performing the Ceremony. The assembly the sang 'God Save the King'.

Laying of Wreaths


Mrs Harry Walker (Widow of Col Harry Walker) laid the 1st Wreath followed by The Lady Provost (Mrs High) on behalf of the City.

  • Mrs T.P. Cappon on behalf of the War Memorial Committee
  • Lieut-Commander W. M. Smail on behalf of the Royal Naval Volunteer Researve.
  • Mr W. McCabe on behalf of the Royal Scots Greys Association
  • Mr Andrew Reilly on behalf of the Royal Scots Fusiliers Association
  • Mr A. Beveridge on behalf of the Black Watch Association
  • Mr W. W. Stewart on behalf of the Seaforth Highlanders Association
  • Mr Jas McCabe on behalf of the R.A.M.C. Association
  • Mr John C. Adamson on behalf of the British Legion
  • Mr Tom Bowman D.C.M., on behalf of the Ex-Servicemen's Welfare Club
  • Mr Alexande Smith & Bella Old on behalf of the School Children of the City
  • Mrs Helen Bowman on behalf of the Widows, Parents & Dependents of Dundee Sailors and Soldiers
  • Capt A. B. Bowman & Sergt W. Ingram on behalf of the Boys' Brigade, Dundee Battalion, and by Capt R. A. Smith & Sergt W. Reid on behalf of the St. Andrew's (Church) Company. (The Boys Brigade)
  • Messrs I. Gonnella & M. Soave on behalf of the Italian Community of the City



'To the Glory of God and in Remembrance of our Beloved Dead who freely gave their lives in our defence - This Memorial is Dedicated - In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

"They were lovely and pleasant in their lives
And in their death they were not divided

Think upon them, O God, for good:
According to all that they have done for this people

The Lord shall be their everlasting Light:
And the days of their mourning shall be ended.



O almighty god, our Heavenly Father, be pleased of Thy great goodness to accept and bless this Memorial of the valour and sacrifice of our gallant Dead which now we dedicate to Thee. May it keep alive in our hearts and in the hearts of those who shall come after us in our City the remembrance of all we all owe to those who willingly paid the last full measure of devotion in the Sacred Cause of Freedom.

And as we think of them, may we lift up our eyes unto the hills, whence our aid cometh.

We pray for all those whose loved ones are commemorated here, commending them anew to Thy comfort and consolation in Christ Jesus. We pray for our City and those who bear rule in our midst.

We pray for our beloved King and for the King’s forces by land and sea and air. We pray for our Empire and our allies, and for all Thy children – that Thou wouldest cause wars to cease – that Thou wouldest establish the brotherhood of mankind – and that Thou wouldest bring in speedily the Reign of Peace through Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace – to Whom with Thee and the Holt Spirit shall be all the Glory and the praise, now, henceforth and for evermore.


The Booklet produced in 1925 on the unveiling of the Memorial