Police Regulations - 1809

  • Riddling of ashes forbidden – penalty 1 shilling
  • During hours of daylight no one allowed to ‘carry out’ or ‘lay down’ (in the street) foul water, ashes, or any filth whatever – penalty 1/- for 1st offence 2/6 for subsequent offences.
  • No ‘nuisance’ shall be laid down in any water run, pavement etc – penalty 2/6
  • Council forbids the shaking of carpets, floor cloths, bed curtains and cloths of any kind over windows, doors or stairs and in the streets during daylight hours, also forbids emptying chaff-beds, or laying down soot upon any part of the streets, lanes or wynds. Penalty 2/6.
  • Wooden water spouts for conveying ‘nuisances’ from houses are prohibited and are to be removed as they are ‘inconvenient to the neighbourhood’ and damage the walls and foundations of the houses. Penalty 10 shillings.
  • For throwing ‘nuisances’ from windows or doors. Penalty 2/6 for 1st offence, 5/- for 2nd. For 3rd and subsequent offence 10/- and 24 hour imprisonment.
  • Keeping ‘dung’ in closes or any part of the property - penalty £5. All dung thrown out on the street by stablers or Cow feeders must be carried off by 7 am in the summertime and 8 am in winter.
  • No mason shall hew stones on the streets without written permission from a magistrate – Penalty 10 shillings. Every person who shall bring out earth or rubbish dug out of any foundation shall be obliged to carry of the same immediately.
  • No carts shall be allowed to stand upon the streets or lanes unyoked after sunset – penalty 2/6
  • Proprietors of houses in the town shall not take down any house in any street, lane or close without the permission of the Dean of Guild also a plan is to be submitted and an inspection by the Court undertaken – penalty £3.
  • The Council prohibits landlords or proprietors from letting their houses to strangers without a certificate of their good behaviour – Penalty £1.
  • Possessors of houses often forget to keeps vents and chimneys properly cleaned – causing fires. Penalty for causing such fires 5/- for 1st offence and 10/- for subsequent.
  • No person allowed to interrupt the street, or pavement with goods before their shop doors – penalty 10/-
  • Proprietors of houses and shops shall keep the pavement outside their premises in proper repair – penalty £5. Also magistrates empowered to order repairs to pavements and charge the proprietor with the expense, if he refuses – summary complaint to Procurator Fiscal.  

Transcribed by Iain D. McIntosh FDCA