The Commemorative Plaques of Dundee.

The site of Robert III's Royal Mint and town Residence of the Earls of Angus
Site of Robert 3 Mint
The Site of the Mercat Cross 1586 to 1777,
Mercat Cross
The Site of the birthplace of the Duchess of Monmouth and headquarters of General Monk after the Seige of Dundee in 1651
General Monk
Earl of Gowries Lodging - Here the Earl was captured after the raid of Ruthven 1584
Earl of Gowrie
Site of the supposed 1st Mercat Cross Erected in the mid 13th Century in the Seagate
Seagate Cross
Choristers House - Pre Reformation
Choristers House
Site of School Wynd Church
School Wynd
Site of Our Lady Wark - Or Lady Warkstairs Land - Pre Reformation Alms House
Lady Warkstairs
Site of Old Tolbooth with Tron opposite
Site of where Hector Boece was Born
Hector Boece
Site of the Monastery of the Black Friars, Founded late 15th Century
Blackfiars Monastery
Wedderburns House
Site of Castle of Dundee and William Wallace incident
Dundee Castle
Near where stood the Town House of the Grahams of Claverhouse
Claverhouse Site
Site of the Old Town House (The Pillars)
The Old Town House
Site of Lodgings of the Lairds of Strathmartine
Strathmartines Lodgings
Birthplace of Sarah Weidman Mother of Robert Browning
Sarah Weideman
Peter Feathers - Early Filmaker
Peter Feathers
Sir Winston Churchill
Sir Winston Churchill