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The Trade and Shipping of Dundee - 1780-1850

Written by Gordon Jackson with Kate Kinnear and Published by the Abertay Historical Society in 1991. This book is now out of print and now available in ebook (pdf format) for downloading


They have endeavoured to set the growth of Dundee shipping against the background of trade growth, tracing inter-relationships between commerce and shipping to a limited extent and showing their contribution to the over-all growth of the economy.

However, it is impossible within so small a compass to dwell at any great length on the mercantile sector, and the inadequate attention paid to merchants and agents is owning largely to this fact.

Hopefully this book will fill in some of the gaps in the present study of Dundee Shipping.

The Trade and Shipping of Dundee 1780-1850

Gordon Jackson and Kate Kinnear (1991)

TradeShipping book

Dundee and the American Civil War 1861-1865

This paper was the first publication of the Abertay Historical Society and the work of one of its members. Financial circumstances permitting, it will be followed by others of similar character, produced to a uniform size to simplify binding into convenient volumes. Preliminary arrangements are in hand for further papers, ranging in scope from archaeology to very recent social and economic developments. Whilst its papers will always have a strong local flavour the Society aims to avoid undue parochialism and seeks to set its studies against the wide backcloth of general historical development.

Mr Carrie's paper is in a sense experimental in method. He has endeavoured to see the impact of the American Civil War on Dundee through the eyes of the editorial and reporting staff of a single old-established newspaper, The Dundee Advertiser. Through this medium he portrays the boom conditions produced in Dundee: conditions sharply contrasting to those in the cotton areas of the Clyde and Lancashire. His paper therefore is both an examination of local newspaper opinion and an exercise in economic history, and seems to fulfil the aims of the Society which sponsors its publication.


Dundee and the American Civil War 1861-1865


The Textile Industry of Arbroath since the Early 18th Century.

By W.H.K. Turner, M.A.


The Textile Industry of Arbroath since the Early 18th Century

Arbroath Textiles


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