From the Book of Eminent Burgesses of Dundee 1513 to 1885.

Magister Hew Dalrymple, Advocate - 11th August 1677.



HEW DALRYMPLE was the third son of the first VISCOUNT STAIR, and of MARGARET, eldest daughter Of JAMES ROSS of Balniel. He was born in 1642, studied Law at Edinburgh, and was admitted Advocate on 23rd February, 1677, six months before his enrolment as Burgess of Dundee. His first office was that of Commissary of Edinburgh, but his commanding talents and ability soon brought him to the first rank even at the learned Bar of that time, and he was chosen Dean of Faculty in 1695, a position which he held until elevated to the Bench.

Like the other prominent members of his family he adhered to KING WILLIAM at the Revolution, and was made a Baronet on 29th April, 1698. The office of Lord President of the Court of Session had been vacant from the time of his father's decease until this date, and on 7th June, 1698, he was received into this honourable place upon a Special letter from the KING, though he had not sat on the Bench as an Ordinary Lord as was customary. His conduct as Lord President was so unexcep¬tionable that he was not allowed to resign the post in 1726, though he had earnestly sought to do so. He took part in the important Parliaments of 1696 1702 and 1702 7, sitting in the former as Member for New Galloway and in the latter for North Berwick. He remained in office as Lord President until his death, which took place on 1st February, 1737. His younger brother was the celebrated SIR DAVID DALRYMPLE, LORD HAILES, and his Son, HEW, became LORD DRUMMORE of Session. another representative of the LORD PRESIDENT was SIR HEW HAMILTON DALRYMPLE, Bart., of North Berwick.