From the Book of Eminent Burgesses of Dundee 1513 to 1885.

Thomas Fotheringham of Powrie - 30th March 1620.



Reference has already been made to the father and grandfather of these two FOTHRINGHAMS, who were admitted Burgesses in the years 1565 and 1526 respectively (vide pages 43 and 18). THOMAS FOTHRINGHAM succeeded to the estate on the death of his father, in 1610. When the troubles betwixt CHARLES I. and the Scottish people began, he attached himself ardently to the Royalist cause; and after the execution of that unfortunate Monarch, he still adhered to the doubtful fortunes of the young KING, CHARLES II. It was his lot to suffer severely for his loyalty, as he was one of the barons that vainly attempted to revive the failing hopes of the STEWART partizans when CROMWELL had over ran Scotland. The termination of that exploit is thus recorded by LAMONT (Diary, p. 34):

"1651. Aug. 28 A great pairt of the comittie of Estaits were taken prisoners by the English at Eliot in Angus, viz. the Earle of Crafoord, E. of Lenin, E. Marshall, Lord Ogilvie, Lord Hombie, Lord Lie, Laird of Colintoune, Pourie Fothringarn, Lord Hombie's soune, etc., and about 80 other gentellmen and souldiers, and nobelmen's seruants. . . . After they were apprehended, they were all put into English ships, and bot mainlie used. After that they were carried to England, first to Tinniouth Castle and then to London."

FOTHRINGHAM succeeded in effecting his release, and returned to Scotland, but did not long remain. In "1652, Nov., Powrie Fothringhame, in Angus, tooke iourney from Edenbroughe to goe to London, with a purpose to goe from thence to France. 1654, he depairted out of this life in France" (Lamont's Diary, p. 49). He was twice married, (first) to JEAN KINLOCH, daughter of Dr DAVID KINLOCH of Aberbothrie and Dundee (vide page 92), and (second) to MARGARET, daughter of SIR ALEXANDER GIBSON of Durie (vide page 84); but he left no surviving issue, and the estate fell to his brother JOHN, who was admitted Burgess on, the same day as himself. The latter was retoured heir of THOMAS FOTHRINGHAM in certain lands in Forfarshire on 5th December, 1564. He took a special interest in the municipal affairs of Dundee, and acted as a kind of mediator betwixt VISCOUNT DUDHOPE and the Town Council in their long continued disputes regarding the CONSTABLE'S jurisdiction.