Suspension of J. GIB, Jailor, for his leanings to the Jacobites 1746.

1st March, 1746.

The Provost acquainted the Council that there had been several informations given in that JAMES GIB, the Jaylor, had not behaved in this Rebellion as he ought to have done, and wanted to know the opinion of the Council how they should proceed against him; which being considered by the Council.  They suspend the said JAMES GIB from acting as Jaylor in this Burrow until the particulars laid to his charge be considered of by the Council, and in the meantime they authorise THOMAS SKIRLING, Council Officer, to act and officiate as Jaylor, and intitle him to the profits and emoluments and belonging to said office during the time he acts; and accordingly a list of the prisoners and the keys of the prison were, in face of Council, delivered up by the said JAMES GIB to the said THOMAS SKIRLING.

Transcribed by Caterina Paesano