Deposition of Mr. LYON, Schoolmaster, for favouring the Rebellion.

Town Council, 1st May, 1716.


The Council taking into their consideration the information laid before them be the united Presbyteries of Dundee & Forfar, against Mr. PATRICK LYON, Master of the Grammar School of Dundee, mentioning that, whereby Acts of Parliament & Assemblies of this Church by law established, it is ordered that all School Masters and teachers of youth should subscribe the Confession of faith, adhere to the doctrine therein contained and attend the worship of God as established in this national church.  Yet notwithstanding that, Mr. PATRICK LYON HADE, even after scribing the said Confession of faith, adopted other principles in opposition thereto, & committed other practices contain to the same, such as teaching his scholars a Catechism never allowed of nor approve by said Church; secondly, that he deserted the Communion of this Church, & by example encouraged the youth to do so likeways; (tertio), that he joined a schismatically meeting-house set up in opposition to Church and State, & therein officiated as an elder, & (quartio), that in the time of the unnatural Rebellions the said Mr. PATRICK LYON joined still in communion with these preachers who prayed expressly for the Pretender under the Title of King JAMES the Eight, &c. ; & having called, examined, and heard Mr. PATRICK LYON on the said Information, The Council finds him to have been a transgressor, & so deposes him from being any longer master of said school, and declares his place vacant.

Transcribed by Caterina Paesano