Mr Alexander Wedderburn - Aiding the Rebellion, 1716.

Mr Alexander Wedderburn

Deposition of Mr. ALEXANDER WEDDERBURN, Town Clerk, for aiding the Rebellion, 1716

At the meeting of the New Council on 26th April, 1716, an investigation was ordered into the conduct of the Town Clerk (Mr. WEDDERBURN), and on 1st May it was reported that the Committee appointed had enquired anent Mr. WEDDERBURN’s affair, and that WILLIAM GIBB in Dundee, informed, and offered to prove that the said ALEXANDER WEDDERBURN the sixth of January last accompanied the Earls of MAR and MARCHALL, and several Gentlemen that were in the Rebellion, to the Counsell-house of this burgh, where they were getting a treat and burgess tickets, and acted as Clerk; and was Clerk at rouping of the pettie Customs of this Burgh under those who exercised as Magistrates in the Rebellion; and that the said ALEX. WEDDERBURN went to the cross of this Burgh with those in the Rebellion at some of the rebellious solemnities, and thereafter he went out with the Pretender when coming to this toune, and that he collected the excise for the Rebellion for the rebels’ behoof.

The Counsell was to consider the information.

 On 8th May Mr. WILLIAM GIBB laid before the Counsell two Burgess Tickets, both dated 12 January. Last, in favour of therein designed JAMES, Earl of Simmouth, & there other Colonel FRANCIS BULKY, both granted by their designed Sir ALEX. WATTSON, Provost, Mr. WILLIAM RAMASAY, Dean of Gild, & signed be ALEXANDER WEDDERBURN, as Clerk.  The Counsell recommend the Provost to write to the Lord Justice Clerk anent the said tickets and information against the said ALEX. WEDDERBURN.

            It well known that a long prosecution followed this information, and that Mr. WEDDERBURN, who, in addition to his office of Town Clerk, was stated to be also Sheriff-Depute and Sheriff-Clerk of Forfar, was deposed from the office of Town Clerk, and obliged to deliver up the Town’s Books and Papers, the following being the grounds of his deposition, in addition to his refusal to attend the Council when cited,on 9th August :-

That the said ALEXANDER WEDDERBURN attended the Counsel with the rebels, treated them there, and distributed Burgess Tickets; went to the Cross to proclaim the Pretender, and also went & meet the Pretender when coming into Dundee, and came in with him and his sword drawn in his hand, and also collected the Excise for the use of the Rebels, and administered the affairs of the Burgh on behalf of the Pretender.

Transcribed by Caterina Paesano