Translation of Bond of Relief by King James the First

Bond of Relief by King JAMES I. to the Burghs of Edinburgh, Perth, Dundee, and Aberdeen of the Obligation they undertook on his behalf as his ransom to the King of England for 50,000 merks for his liberty, dated 26th March 1424.


JAMES, by the grace of God King of Scots, to all men of our realm, clergy and laity, we make known, that we, by our royal authority, are held, and by the tenor of these presents are firmly and faithfully bound, to our beloved and trusty Burgesses, viz., to the Provost, Bailies, and Communities of the Four Burghs of our realm foresaid, that is to say, of Edinburgh, Perth, Dundee, and Aberdeen, and their heirs and successors, to keep them and their heirs and successors whomsoever skaithless of the payment of fifty thousand marks, for the payment of which sum the most illustrious Prince HENRY, King of England, for our ransom the foresaid Provosts, Communities, and Bailies of our Four Burghs are, at our command, bound by writ at the terms therein agreed.  And for the performance of this, as it is before set forth, without exception, revocation, or impediment whatsoever, we oblige us, by the authority of our Royal Majesty, our heirs and successors, Kings of Scotland, firmly and without fraud by the tenor of these presents.  Farther, we promise and undertake to cause all and singular, the Provosts, Bailies, and Communities of the rest of the Burghs our Realm to bind themselves and their heirs and successors, under their common seals, in sufficient form, to the Provosts and Bailies of the said Four Burghs, to assist and adhere to them in the payment of the said sum of money in the case and event of their being distrained therefore, or that if they pay it in whole or in part, and to share and contribute with them according to their power in every burden, as well in the event of the principal payment of the said sum of money not being paid, as of the charges and expenses incurred concerning the making of this obligation, as well those already made as those to be afterwards incurred: In witness whereof, we have caused our seal to be appended to these presents, at Durham the 26th day of the month of March, in the year of our Lord one thousand four hundred and twenty-four, and of our reign the eighteenth.

Transcribed by Caterina Paesano