Translation of Grant by King Robert III. To the Altar of St. Salvatore.

Grant by King Robert the Third of a yearly payment of one hundred shillings out of the leustoms of Dundee to the altars of St. Mary & St. Salvator to celebrate Mass for the Repose of the Soul of his son, David, Duke of Rothesay, at  who perished at Falkland Palace. – Dated 8th February 1404-5.


ROBERT, by the grace of God, King of Scots, to all good men of his whole land, churchmen and laymen, greeting: Wit ye us, for the weal of the soul of our whilom first born, DAVID, Duke of Rothesay, also for our own soul and those of all our predecessors and successors, and for the souls of those who have given or shall afterwards give any goods to the altar of St. Salvator in the parish church of Dundee, to have given, granted, and by this our present charter confirmed, to God and the blessed Mary, and the altar of St. Salvator aforesaid, and to the Chaplain there celebrating, when he shall be disposed, for our son beforesaid, a hundred shillings sterling, yearly, from our great custom of our burgh of Dundee: To be held, had, possessed and uplifted to the said chaplain for ever, yearly, in pure and perpetual alms-gift, the foresaid said hundred shillings, by the hands of the custumars of the said burgh who may be for the time, at the two usual terms of the year, Whitsunday, to wit, and Martinmas in winter, by equal portions, as freely and quietly, fully, wholly, honourably, well, and in peace, as any alms-gift granted or given to any altar or chaplain, from us or our predecessors: Furthermore, we have granted to the Alderman, and elect of the Council of the same town by the community, the right of patronage of the said rent and chaplain, to be possessed for ever; and to see that the soul of our said son, and of those for whose weal we have offered, be not defrauded of due service; and to present or conduct the same as for the honour of God, and the favour of the aforesaid souls, shall seem to them most expedient: Where fore we straitly command and charge the said custumars of Dundee, who shall for the time be, that they promptly and wholly pay the said hundred shillings to the said altar and chaplain there celebrating, as is premised, each year, at the terms aforesaid, according to the form of our grant,-which sum we will and command, by these presents, to be fully allowed to them in their yearly accounts to be rendered thence, the receipt of the said chaplain being seen: In testimony whereof, to our present charter we have commanded our seal to be put, these being witnesses-the reverend father in Christ, GILBERT, Bishop of Aberdeen, our Chancellor, HENRY DE ST. CLAIR, Earl of Orkney, DAVID FLEMYNG, our kinsman, Knight, JOHN OF PARK, father, Mr. WALTER FORESTAR, our Secretary, and JOHN OF CRAWFURDE: At Lythen, eighth February one thousand four hundred and four, and of our reign the fifteenth year.

Transcribed by Caterina Paesano