Charter by King ROBERT III. of a Third part of the Lands of Milton of Craigie and of the West Field of Dundee, to the Chaplainry of St. Salvator in the Parish Church of Dundee, dated 7th March, 1391, following upon a Mortification of these Lands by PATRICK OF INVERPEFIR, as authorised by the foregoing Charter by ROBERT II.

ROBERTUS, Dei gracia, Rex Scottorum, Omnibus probis hominibus tocius terre sue clericis et laicis, Salutem.  Sciatis nos pro salute anime quondam fidelis nostri PATRICII DE INVERPEFIR, burgensis de Donde, dedisse concessisse et hac presenti carta nostra confirmasse Deo et altari Sancti Salvatoris de novo fundato in ecclesia parochiali de Donde et Capellane pro eodem ad dictum altare perpetuo celebraturo terciam partem terrarium de le Milton de Craggy, cum pertinenciis.  Et terciam partem terrarium de le Westfielde de Donde, cum pertinenciis, in baronia de Donde infra vicecomitatum de Forfar.  Que terre predicte, cum pertinenciis, fuerunt consanguinei nostri JACOBI SKIRMECHOUR, militis Constabularii de Donde, et quas idem JACOBUS non vi aut metu ductus nec errore lapsus sed sua mera et spontanea voluntate per fustum et baculum nobis sursum reddidit pureque et simpliciter resignavit ac totum jus et clameum que in dictis terris, cum pertinenciis, habuerunt vel habere potuerunt pro se et heredibus suis omino quietum clamaverunt in perpetuum.  Tenendas et habendas eidem altari et capellano ad illud pro ipsius PATRICII anima celebranti et celebraturo predictas terras cum pertinenciis de nobis et heredibus nostris Regibus Scocie in feodo et hereditate per omnes rectas metas et divisas suas in puram et perpetuam elemosinam et eciam ad manum mortuam, cum omnibus et singulis libertatibus, commoditatibus, aysiamentis, et justis pertinenciis quibuscumque ad dictas terras cum pertinenciis spectantibus seu quoquo modo juste spectare valentibus in futurum, adeo libere et quiete plenarie integre et honorifice bene et in pace in omnibus et per omnia sicut dictus JACOBUS easdem terras cum pertinenciis de nobis tenuit ante resignacionem hujusmodi nobis factam.  Faciendo inde inde dictus capellanus ad dictum altare celebrans vel celebraturus tantummodo missas et divina officia pro dicto PATRICIO DE INVERPEFIR nepoti dicti quondam PATRICII et heredibus suis legitimis de corpore suo procreatis vel procreandis et illis forsan deficientibus Aldirmanno burgi nostri de Donde qui pro tempore fuerit et duodecim probis viris de suo consilio annuatim electis vel eligendis jus patronatus altaris antedicti.  In cujus rei testimonium presenti carte nostre nostrum precepimus apponi sigillum Testibus, venerabilibus in Christo patribus, WALTERO et MATHEO, Sancti Andree et Glasguensis ecclesiarum episcopis; ROBERTO de Fif et de Meneteth, fratre nostro carissimo; ARCHEBALDO DE DOUGLAS, domino Galwidie, consanguineo nostro; Comitibus JACOBO DE DOUGLAS, domino de Dalketh, THOMA DE ERSKYNE, consanguineis nostris dilectis militibus, et ALEXANDRO DE COCBURN de Langton, custode magni sigilli nostri.  Apud Sconam, tempore parlementi nostri ibidem tenti, septimo die Marcii, anno regni nostri Primo.

Ex Registro Magni Sigilli


ROBERT, by the Grace of God, King of the Scots, to all honest men of his whole land, clerical and lay, greeting.  Know that we, for the safety of the soul of our faithful PATRICK OF INVERPEFIR, Burgess of Dundee, have given, delivered up, and by this our present Charter confirmed, to God and the Altar of St. Salvador of late founded in the Parish Church of Dundee and Chaplainry for maintaining service on behalf of the same at said Altar, a third part of the lands of the Milton of Craigie, with the pertinent thereof, and also the third part of the lands of Westfield of Dundee, with the pertinent thereof, in the Barony of Dundee, and within the Country of Forfar, which said lands with the pertinent belonged to our relative JAMES SCRYMGEOUR, Knight, Constable of Dundee, and which the said JAMES, not led by force or fear, nor by mistake, but of his own free will to us again by staff and baton purely and simply resigned, and the whole right and interest which were vested or could be vested in the said lands and pertinent fro himself and heirs was wholly renounced for ever.  And that said lands be holden and kept for the said Altar and Chaplainry for maintaining at it now and hereafter service for the soul of the said PATRICK, with the pertinent, from us and our heirs, kings of Scotland, in fee and heritage, by all their bounds, marches, and divisions, for pure and perpetual charity, and also for mortification, with all and single liberties, commodities, easements, and just pertinent whatsoever belonging to said lands, or in whatever way they may justly be held to belong in the future, as freely, quietly, fully, wholly, honourably, well, and peacefully, in all respects, as the said JAMES held the same lands and pertinent from us previous to such a resignation of the lands as he made to us, to the effect therefore, that Chaplainry celebrate at the said Altar masses and religious ceremonies for the said PATRICK, and that in full for all other secular service; and we have given to PATRICK OF INVERPEFIR, nephew of the said late PATRICK, and the lawful heirs of his body procreated or to be procreated, and whom failing, to the Provost of our Burgh of Dundee, whoever he may be, for the time being, and twelve honest men of his Council, annually elected or to be elected, the right of Patronage of the said Altar.  In witness whereof, we have appointed this our present Charter to passed under our Seal before these witnesses, the Venerable Fathers in Christ, WALTER and MATTHEW, Bishops of St. Andrews and Glasgow; ROBERT of Fife and Menteith, our very dear brother, ARCHIBALD OF DOUGLAS, Lord Galway, our relative, Earls; JAMES DOUGLAS, Lord of Dalkeith, THOMAS ERSKINE, our kinsmen and beloved knights, and ALEXANDER COCKBURN, of Langton, Keeper of our Great Seal, at Scone, at the sitting of our Parliament held on the seventh day of March, in the first year of our reign.  (1391.)

Transcribed by Caterina Paesano