Charter by King ROBERT II., to PATRICK DE INVERPEFIR, of a third part of the Lands of Craigie, dated 31st May, 1378.  (Simile is given.)

ROBERT, by the grace of God, King of Scots, to all honest men of his whole land, cleric and laic, greeting.  Know us to have given, granted, and by this our present charter to have confirmed, to our beloved and faithful PATRICK OF INNERPEFIR that whole third part of the land of Cragy, with the fishings and others, their pertinent, in the barony of Dundee, within the shire of Forfar, which is called le Binys, part which belonged to VALTER OF BALMOSSY, of which part of land the superiority or superior lordship ALEXANDER SKYRMECHOUR, Constable of Dundee, our cousin, by his letters patent again rendered and purely and simply resigned, and by said superiority or superior lordship being transferred to us as permitted, the said VALTER, not led by force or fear, or fallen by error, but of his plain and voluntary will his said third part of land with the fishings and others that pertinent to us by staff and baton again rendered and purely and simply resigned, and the whole right and claim which in said part of land with the fishing and others their pertinent he has or can have for himself and his heirs wholly he quietly claims for ever to be held and had by the said PATRICK, his heirs and their assignees, of us and our heirs, in fee and heritage, by all their bounds, marches, and divisions, with all and singular liberties, commodities, easements, and their just pertinent whatsoever to the said third part of land with the fishings and others their pertinent belonging, or in whatever manner are justly held to belong, in future as freely and quietly, fully, wholly, and honourably in all and by all as VALTER himself the said third part of land with the fishings and others their pertinent of us before his resignation to us thence made us freely, quietly, fully, wholly and honourably, justly held or possessed, by making thence the service used and wont.  We grant, moreover, to the said PATRICK our free and special licence to mortify said third part of land, or to deliver itself to mortification to whatsoever place or whatsoever places, person or persons, as to the said PATRICK may appear to be most expedient, agreeing, and for us and our heirs freely granting that said third part land to be afterwards mortified or delivered to mortification for ever in future time may remain as mortified land, free and exempt from all exaction and secular service: In testimony whereof to this our present charter we order our seal to be put.  Witnesses-the venerable father in Christ, WILLIAM, Bishop of St. Andrews; JOHN, our firstborn of CARRICK, Steward of Scotland; ROBERT OF FYFF and MENTETH; our beloved son, WILLIAM OF DOUGLAS, and MARR, our cousin-Earls; the venerable man, Master JOHN OF PEBLYS, Archdeacon of St. Andrews, our chancellor; JAMES OF LYNDESAY, our dearest nephew, and ALEXANDER OF LYNDESAY, our cousin-Knights, at Perth the last day of the month of May, in the eighth year of our reign.

Transcribed by Caterina Paesano