Simile given of Charter King DAVID II. to the Burgesses of Dundee, confirming all their former Burghal Rights and Privileges, and extending and conferring on them Special Rights, and also Jurisdictions independent of the Sheriff of Forfar, dated 20th January, 1359-60.

DAVID, by the Grace of God, King of Scots, to all good men of his whole land, clergy and laymen, greeting: Wit ye us, by the counsel and ordinance of the wise of our Kingdom, our advantage being considered, to have granted, and to feu-farm demitted, and by this our present Charter confirmed, to our burgesses and community of the burgh of Dundee, our said burgh of Dundee, with the pertinent,-To be held and had to the said burgesses and community, their heirs and assignees, and their successors for ever, of us and our heirs, in feu and heritage, in free burgage, by all their just marches and divisions, with mills, waters, fishings, fenced customs, tolls, courts, weights, measures, and with free port, market place, fairs and market, and with all other freedoms, commodities, easements, usages, and their pertinent whatsoever, as well not named, belonging to the said burgh, or that may in any way belong thereto in future, as freely, quietly, well and in peace, as our burgesses of Berwick upon Tweed, Edinburgh, or Aberdeen have, hold, or possess their burghs: Rendering therefor to us yearly, in our Exchequer, the said burgesses, their heirs and assignees, and their successors, twenty pounds of Sterling only, at two terms of the year, to wit, at the feasts of Whitsunday and Martinmas in winter, by equal portions, for all other service, exaction, custom or demand: we will, moreover, and grant, that all dwelling in the said burgh who may wish to share with the burgesses of our said burgh the privilege of the market, may share with them, and shall be bound to pay the dues for our aid, and may be compelled by them to support all other burdens with our said burgesses: Furthermore, we will and grant that none within the shire of Forfar shall buy wools, skins or hides, but our burgesses of Dundee, excepting those who are infefted by charter by us or our predecessors in the freedom of buying: We will also and grant that our said burgesses shall in no way be answerable to any one for payment of that said twenty pounds, but only to our Chamberlain of Scotland for the time being: We will also and grant that our said burgesses, their heirs and assignees, and their successors, freely, and without hindrance of any one, of whatever condition he may be, to carry on all manner of culture, to build mansions and edifices, to dig fuel, and to exercise, perform, and ordain all other commodities whatsoever as may seem to them expedient,  in the fields, muirs, mosses, and other places whatsoever, belonging, within or without, to the said burgh, or that may in future belong thereto, whether under or upon the ground: We will also and grant that our said burgesses, their heirs and assignees, and their successors, be at liberty to buy all sorts of market goods within the town of Cupar in Fife, and freely to take them away, without hindrance of any one, as they were allowed to do in the times of any of our predecessors: Moreover, we will that no Justiciar, Sheriff, or Constable, or any other minister of our kingdom, of whatsoever condition or rank he may be, do in any way cognosce upon the observation, cognition, or fulfilment of our present grant and infeftment, or concern themselves with the defects of the same, save only our Chamberlain of Scotland for the time being, excepting those which touch life and members; in such sort, however, that whoever shall be legally convicted upon any failure of offence, shall be bound to undergo the punishment of such crime, in proper person, or in goods; so that no one shall be punished or troubled on account of the offence, forfeiture, or excess of another: And these our present grants and infeftments to endure firmly in their force and for ever.  In witness whereof, to this our present charter we have commanded our seal to be put,-these being witnesses, the venerable fathers in Christ, WILLIAM and JOHN, Bishops of St. Andrews and Dunkeld, PATRICK, Bishop of Brechin, our Chancellor of Scotland, ROBERT, Steward of Scotland, Earl of Stratherne, our grandson, WILLIAM, Earl of Douglas, ROBERT OF ERSKINE, Knight, our Justiciar on the north side of the water of Forth, WALTER OF BYGER, our Chamberlain of Scotland, and others, at Perth the twentieth day of January, in the thirtieth year of our Reign.

Transcribed by Caterina Paesano