Order by King EDWARD II. of England to WILLIAM MONTFYCHET, Governor of the Castle of Dundee, to break the Convention with the Scots for the surrender of the Town of Dundee, dated 2nd March, 1311-2.

EDWARDUS, Dei Gratia, Rex Anglie, Dominus Hibernie, et Dux Aquitanie, dilecto et fideli suo WILLIELMO DE MONTE FYCHET, salutem.  Mandamus vobis, sub forisfactura vite et membrorum et omnium aliorum, que nobis forisfacere poteritis firmiter injungentes quod villam nostram de Dunde, quam vobis commismus custodiendam, pretextu alicujus conventionis inter vos et Scotos, inimicos nostros, dictam villam nuper obsidentes minus providete aut aliquorum prisonum de hominibus nostris, quos prefatis inimicis, contra intentionem et voluntatem nostram, sub quibuscunque conditionibus liberastis eisdem inimicis nullatenus liberetis; sed eam salvo et secure ad opus nostrum custodiatis, scire facientes illis quibus dictos prisones nostros liberastis et illis qui eosdem prisones in custodia sua habent eosdem prisones salvo custodiri nec eos morti tradant quovis modo et quod si ipsos prisones interficiant nos WALTERUM DE MURREF et omnes alios prisones de Scotia, ubicunque un custodia nostra existentes, sine dubitatione et dilatione aliqua interficere faciemus.  Teste me ipso apud Eboracum secundo die Martii anno regni nostril quinto.

Ex Rotulis Scotice.



EDWARD, by the Grace of God, King of England, Lord of Ireland, and Duke of Aquitaine, to his beloved and faithful WILLIAM DE MONTFITCHET, greeting.  We order you, on pain of death and dismemberment, and all other forfeitures which you might incur at our hands, that you do not surrender our town of Dundee-the custody of which we entrusted to you-on the pretext of any convention between you and the Scots, our enemies, lately besieging the said town,-nor by any means also give up to our enemies any of our prisoners (some of whom, contrary to our express will and order, you delivered to the foresaid enemies) under any conditions whatever, but that you keep the town in safety and security for our service, making it known to those to whom you have committed our said prisoners, and to those who have the same prisoners in their keeping, that they cause them to be kept in safety, and not hand them over to death in any manner whatever; and that we shall give power to WALTER DE MURREF to execute, without any hesitation and delay, all those, who are properly condemned to death, and all other prisoners in Scotland, wherever they are to be found in our keeping.  Signed by me, at York the second day of March, in the fifth year of our reign.

Transcribed by Caterina Paesano