Commission by King EDWARD II. of England to WILLIAM DE MOUNTFITCHET and DAVID DE BRECHIN as Governors of the Town of Dundee, dated 21st March, 1311-2.

EDWARDUS, Dei Gratia, Rex Anglie, Dominus Hibernie, et Dux Aquitanie, omnibus ad quos presentes litere pervenerint, salutem.  De fidelitatis constantia et circumspections industria dilecti et fidelis nostri WILLIELMI DE MOUNTFITCHET plenius confidentes commisimus ei custodiam ville nostre de Dunde habendam quamdiu nobis placuerit.  In cujus rei testimonium has literas nostras fieri fecimus patentes.  Teste me ipso apud Eboracum vicesimo primo die Martii anno regni nostril quinto.

Et mandatum est militibus, majori, ballivis, probis hominibus et omnibus aliis de villa de Dunde ac in eadem villa pro munitione ejusdem existentibus quod prefato WILLIELMO in omnibus que ad salvam et securam custodiam ville nostre predicte ad opus nostrum poterunt pertinere sint intendentes consulentes et auxiliantes quotiens per ipsum WILLIEMLMUM ex parte nostra super hoc fueritis, (sic) requisiti seu etiam premuniti.  Et hoc sicut Regem et honorem Regis et suum ac commodum diligunt cum omni diligentia faciant.  Teste ut supra.

Consimilis Commissio de verbo ad verbum et sub eadem data fit DAVID DE BREGHIN custodi ville predicte.

Ex Rotulis Scotioe.



EDWARD, by the Grace of God, King of England, Lord of Ireland, and Duke of Aquitaine, to all to whom there present letters may come, greeting.  For the unswerving loyalty and assiduous foresight of our beloved and faithful WILLIAM DE MONTIFITCHET, we have with full confidence committed to him the custody of our town of Dundee during our pleasure.  In testimony whereof we have issued these our letters patent.  Witness my hand, at York on the twenty-first March, in the fifth year of our reign.

And we have commanded the Military, the Provost, Bailies, honourable Men, and all other Inhabitants of Dundee, and all at present therein for the guarding thereof, to give to the said WILLIAM in all things that may be requisite for the safe and secure keeping of the said town for our service, their exertions, advice, and aid as often as they may be required or even adduced in defence by WILLIAM himself on our behalf; and that they do this with all diligence, as they love the King, the King’s honour and their own, and the weal of the State.  Witness as above.

A similar Commission, word for word, and of the same date, is sent to DONALD DE BRECHIN, Governor of the said town.

Transcribed by Caterina Paesano