Letter by King EDWARD II. of England to the Mayor, Bailies, and Community of Dundee, and to the persons employed in the defence of the Town, respecting defending it, dated 21st March, 1311-2.

EDWARDUS, Dei Gratia, Rex Anglie, Dominus Hibernie, et Dux Aquitanie, dilectis et fidelibus suis, majori, ballivis et toti communitati ville sue de Dunde, salutem.  De immensis laboribus et expensis ac probata fidelitatis vestre constantia quos circa salvam et securam custodiam dicte ville ad opus nostrum et heredum nostrorum hactenus exhibuistis grates vobis referimus speciales mandantes et rogantes quantinus JOANNI PORLOT quem ad vos specialiter mittimus in his que vobis exponet ex parte nostra super statu ville predicte, fidem cresulam adhibentes circa ea que securam custodiam ejusdem ville ad opus nostrum et heredum nostrorum tangere poterunt quovismodo velitis juxta assuete fidelitatis vestre constantiam congruum auxilium apponere et juvamen.  Ita quod vos exinde debeamus merito commendare.  Teste me ipso apud Eboracum vicesimo primo die Martii anno regni nostri quinto.

Consimiles litere diriguntur hominibus EDMUNDI DE HASTINGGES et JOANNI DE LA MOILLE et omnibus aliis commorantibus in munitione ville Regis de Dundee quod Magistro JOANNI DE WESTON “que” etc., “in his” etc., “fidem credulam” etc., ut supra.

Ex Rotulis Scotioe.


EDWARD, by the Grace of God, King of England, Lord of Ireland, and Duke of Aquitaine, to his beloved and faithful, the Provost, Bailies, and whole community of the town of Dundee, greeting.  For the great labour, expense, and the proved constancy of your fidelity which you have hitherto shown concerning the safety and defence of the said town for our service and that of our successors, we render you our special thanks, commanding and requesting JOHN PARLOT, whom we send to you specially with regard to these matters, which he will on our behalf explain, regarding the present position of said town and, placing a confident trust regarding those things which shall be sufficient to effect the secure keeping of the said town of us and our successors, in whatever manner you may wish, and to add suitable help and assistance to the constancy of your tried loyalty.  And to that end may we be required to commend you highly for your conduct.  Witness my hand, at York the twenty-first March, in the fifth year of our reign. 
Similar letters are sent to EDMUND OF HASTINGS and JOHN DE LA MOILLE, and all others connected with the defence of the town of Dundee.

Transcribed by Caterina Paesano