From William Wallace 1298

Charter of William Wallace to the Scrimseoures

the charter of Sir William Wallace to the Scrymseoures is in Latin, beginning—" Willelmus Wallensis, miles, custos regni Scocie," &c.

The following is a translation: — " William Wallace, knight, Keeper of the Kingdom of Scotland, and Leader of the Armies of the same, in the name of the renowned Prince, Lord John, by the Grace of God, illustrious King of Scotland, and by consent of the commonalty of the realm, To all honest men, Clergy and Laity, Health. Let your Universities know that we, in the name of our foresaid Lord, King of Scotland, by consent and assent of the nobility of the said Kingdom, have given and granted, and have by this Charter confirmed these grants to Alexander, called the Skirmisher, six merks of land in the Barony of Dundee, namely, that land which is called the Upper Field near the town of Dundee, with those acres in the West Field, near the town of Dundee, on the west side, which were wont to belong to the King ; also the Royal Meadow in the foresaid Barony of Dundee; and also the Constabulary of the Castle of Dundee, with its pertinents, liberties, and easements, without let or hindrance, doing homage there­fore to the foresaid Lord the King, and for faithful service and sup­port in his foresaid Kingdom, and for bearing the Royal Banner in the Army of Scotland to the present time. In witness, &c. At Torphichen, the 23d of March, in the year 1298."

Anderson's Diplomata ; Wallace Papers, p. 159.