Veere Transcripts

This part of the Veere micro-site consist of transcripts of records relating to the Scottish staple at Veere. Most of them are extracted from the records of the Convention of Royal Burghs, which are held by Edinburgh City Archives. Extracts from the records of the Convention of Royal Burghs have been published by the Scottish Burgh Records Society in five volumes between 1878 and 1918.

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Acts of the Convention of Royal Burghs relating to Veere and the Scottish staple

  1. Agreements
    1. Campveere Agreement, 1612
    2. Dordrecht Agreement, 1669
    3. Campveere Agreement, 1676
    4. Campveere Agreement, 1748


  1. Commissions, acts, etc relating to Conservators
    1. Acts Concerning the Conservator in Flanders, 1565
    2. Commission to Andrew Kennedy, Conservator, 1689
    3. Catalogue of Books in the Conservatory Office, 1691
    4. Commission to Charles Stuart, Conservator, 1761


  1. Other acts of the Convention of Royal Burghs
    1. Convention of Royal Burghs Regulations for Factors, 1649
    2. Protection of Convoys, 1743-1748


  1. Other records
    1. Testaments of Veere residents recorded in Edinburgh Commissary Court 1559-1732
    2. Extracts from the Register of the Privy Council of Scotland relating to Veere and the Low Countries 1545 – 1691, (Acrobat PDF, 326KB, opens in a new window)



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