The Trade between Dundee and Veere

The Veere Trade

Welcome to the Veere series of pages, compiled in 2003-4 by the Friends of Dundee City Archives(FDCA) and the Archivist to the Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee.

Veere as Scotland's staple port (that is, Scottish merchants could export certain goods to Veere without paying customs dues) from 1541 until 1799. Many historians and archivists in Scotland and the Netherlands have carried out research on Veere's Scottish connections. For example volunteers from the FDCA have been compiling computer indexes of Dundee Customs records and Shipping Lists. In addition, the Honorary Archivist to the Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee has been investigating the records of the trades and also secondary sources for references to commerce with Veere.

The purpose of the FDCA's Veere micro-site is to open up transcription and indexing work to a wide audience. It was officially launched on 8 May 2004 at a workshop on Scottish and Dutch historical sources at Aberdeen University. Since then new material has been donated by historians and archivists and added to the site.

Iain D. McIntosh, 2020