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A Catalogue of Books belonging to the conservatorie office
produced by the present conservator and appointed by the
20 act of the last generall convention in July 1691, to be insert
in the borrow books as a standing charge against the
conservator and his successors, wherof the tenor followes:


  1. Ane court book of the office, Mr James Hacket, conservator, beginning the 24 May 1570 and ending August 26, 1619.

  2. A collection of acts, statuts, ordinances, and priviledges by Sir Robert Dennistoun of Montjoy, conservator, anno 1590.

  3. A conservatorie court book beginign May 2. 1621, Sir Robert Dennistoun of Montjoy, conservator, and ending September 26. 1634, Mr Patrick Drummond, conservator.

  4. A conservatorie book begining October 11, 1644, Thomas Cuningham, conservator, and ending February 19, 1655.

  5. A conservatorie court book beginning May 24, 1662, Sir William Davidson, conservator, and ending the 30 day of August 1670.

  6. A conservator court book beginning Apryll 1675, Henry Wilkie, conservator, and ending October 15, 1680.

  7. A minut if acts of borrowes and acts of parliament and divers formes of wryttings relating to the staple port collected by Henry Wilkie.

  8. Register of entries of ships, merchandise, and passengers coming from Scotland to the Low countries, by ordor of Henry Wilkie, conservator. Beginning Apryll 20, 1675, and ending March 1683.

  9. Register of ships, merchandise, and passengers coming from Scotland to Rotterdam, by ordor of Mr James Kennedy, conservator beginning May 10, 1683, and ending September 3, 1688.

  10. Register of all names of all merchands whoe have peyed for ther first voyage to the Low Countries, beginning may 27, 1662, and ending blank).

The above written books are in the custodie of Mr Andrew Kennedy.

Transcribed by Innes A. Duffus, Honorary Archivist to the Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee, from Dundee Town Clerk's copy of Extracts from the Records of the Convention of Royal Burghs (published by the Scottish Burgh Records Society, 1878-1918).


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