The Howff Graveyard of Dundee

Charter from Mary Queen of Scots for the Howff.

Once the Monastery and grounds of the GreyFriars Order in Dundee, after the Reformation of 1560 the grounds were given to the Town of Dundee by Mary, Queen of Scots to be used as a town Graveyard.

The Charter 1564


1564 Howff Charter

Translation of precept for Charter by Queen Mary in favour of the burgh of Dundee dated 14th April 1567.

Precept for letters made in favour of the Provost, Bailies, Council and Community of the Burgh of Dundee, and their successors in perpetuity, in regard to all and sundry lands, tenements, houses, biggings, churches, chapels, yards, orchards, crofts, annual rents, fruits, duties, profits, emoluments, eleemosynary duties, or dail-silver, obits and anniversaries whatsoever, which in any way pertained or are known to pertain to whatever Chaplainries, Altarages, Prebendaries, in whatsoever Church, Chapel or College within the Liberty of the Burgh of Dundee, founded by whatsoever Patron in the possession of which the Chaplains and Prebendaries of the same where, wherever the foresaid houses, tenements, biggings, churches, chapels, yards, orchards, crofts, annual rents, fruits, duties, profits, emoluments lie, or were formerly levied respectively; with the manor places, orchards, annual rents, emoluments and duties whatsoever which formerly pertained to the Dominican or Predicant Friars and Minorities or Franciscans and Nuns, commonly called Grey Sisters, of the said burgh of Dundee; together with all sundry lands, houses and tenements lying within the said Burgh, given, granted and founded, to whatsoever Chaplainries, Altarages, Churches, Mortifications, or Anniversaries wherever they be in this Kingdom; and also with all and sundry annual rents and other duties usual, or which can be demanded by whatsoever Church without the said Burgh from the Provost and Bailies thereof out of the common rent thereof for the celebration of prayers, with the pertinent, - to be held, &c, by the foresaid Provost, Bailies, Council, and Community, and their successors, of our illustrious Lady and Queen, and her successors in perpetuity, &c. At Edinburgh the 14th day of the month of April, 1567. Per Signitum


Transcribed by, Friends of Dundee City Archives

Iain D. McIntosh, 2020