From the Book of Eminent Burgesses of Dundee 1513 to 1885.

Gilbert Auchinleck or that Ilk - 10th May 1575


GILBERT AUCHINLECK is the first of that important family whose name appears upon the Roll. The AUCHINLECKS, or AFFLECKS, are first found in Ayrshire, and the branch of the family to which GILBERT belonged held lands in Forfarshire early in the fourteenth century. In 1296 "MATHEU LE NAPER of Aghelek," supposed to belong to the Merchiston family, swore fealty to, EDWARD I, and it is probable that the NAPIERS had dropped their patronymic and assumed their territorial name about the period referred to.

The remains of the Baronial Castle of Auchinleck, which was built by the GILBERT whose name is here entered, are still in fair preservation. The name of GILBERT AUCHINLECK of that ilk appears in the Register of the Privy Council, under date 19th April, 1569, as complainer against two of the OGILVIES of Airlie, who had committed a "cruell and abhominabill murthour and slauchter" Upon JAMES RAMSAY, tutor of the Lowis, within the Burgh of Dundee, and who had found refuge with PATRICK, LORD GRAY, and several of his confederates. The names of some of the family of AUCHINLECK are entered on the Burgess Roll of Dundee at a later date.