The Early Admission Records of Old Dundee Schools.

High School
Mitchell Street School

High School

Selected Admission Records - Boys 1880 to 1904

Selected Admission Records - Girls 1902 to 1904

Selected Admission Records - Art School 1871 to 1876


Morgan Academy

Building still used - interior re-built after a fire

Records for 1868 - 1878 and now 1889 - 1911

Mitchell Street

Building still exists

Records for 1891-1896

Cowgate School
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Demolished - Site now covered by Inner Ring Road

Records for 1899-1910

Early Grove Academy

Building now a Medical Centre.

Records - 1889-1892

Ann Street

Records for 1893-1897

Baldovan Industrial School
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Industrial School

Baldovan School - Now part of the buildings of the old Strathmartine Hospital

Records for 1855-1918

Hawkhill School

Records for 1869 to 1887

Drumgeith School

Records for 1874 to 1914

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Liff Road School

Records from 1891 to 1902

Dudhope School

Records for 1892 to 1916