The Burgh Records of Dundee

Register of Deeds 1661 - 1670

Mostly relating to debt, tacks of property and indentures of apprenticeship, charter parties and other contracts.

The Scottish system of recording landownership is one of the oldest records in Europe. It is possible in principle to trace the ownership of any property from 1617 right up to date. All the records are organised under the 33 Counties into which Scotland was divided before local government reorganisation in 1975, although some County boundaries have been changed a bit over the years.

From 1617 to 1868, there was a General Register of Sasines running concurrently with Particular Registers of Sasines for various Counties and deeds could be recorded in either of these Registers. In 1869, there was a restructuring of the system and a "new" General Register of Sasines was started, arranged in Counties, in which all deeds were recorded.

There were also 66 Royal Burghs, covering the centres of many old towns, which had their own Burgh Registers of Sasines. These were gradually phased out in the twentieth century, mostly continuing until the incumbent Town Clerk retired, leading to a large spread of end dates. On the conclusion of each Burgh Register, the deeds were then all recorded in the General Register.

The following is the Records of Deeds in the Dundee Archives

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