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The Data

The data in this database are extracted from two volumes concerning poor relief in Dundee:

The first of these is a register of paupers compiled by the parochial board of Liff and Benvie, which became part of the burgh of Dundee in 1859.It contains details of outdoor relief (money, clothing, medicine etc) given to paupers by the parochial board. The Dundee East Poorhouse register records paupers granted indoor relief, i.e. admitted to the poorhouse because they were ill, aged, or otherwise unable to support themselves, or because the parochial board wanted to test whether they were really poor (by subjecting them to an austere regime in so-called 'test-wards')

The data is arranged by alphabetically by surname of each person in the registers, and gives a date of admission to the poor roll (in the Liff and Benvie register) or a date of admission to the poorhouse (in the case of the Dundee Poorhouse register). The original registers contain further information on each pauper, including place of birth, number of children, occupation, reason for admission, and date of discharge/removal. The registers are available for inspection in Dundee City Archives.

The pdf files below only have the basic details of each person, The entries contain more information than is displayed. To request further information about an entry in the poor registers, contact Dundee City Archives, 21 City Square, Dundee DD1 3BY, or email archives@dundeecity.gov.uk but remember to include ALL the data from the index entry concerned, including name, date of admission and reference.

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Transcribed by Iain D. McIntosh, Friends of Dundee City Archives

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