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Picture Gallery - Frigate Unicorn

A hidden gem in Dundee and a wonderful Asset to the City's Maritime past.

His Majesty’s Frigate UNICORN, of 46 guns, was built for the Royal Navy in Chatham dockyard, and was launched in 1824.

The classic sailing frigate was a fast and powerful warship, and was one of the most successful and charismatic ship designs of the age.

UNICORN is a unique survivor from the brief transitional period between the traditional wooden sailing ship and the revolutionary iron steamship, and is now one of the six oldest ships left in the world.

Step on board this historic Warship and travel back in time to the days when Britannia ruled the waves.

Unicorn 1
Unicorn 2
Unicorn 37
Unicorn 4
Unicorn 5
Unicorn 6
Unicorn 10
Unicorn 8
Unicorn 9
Unicorn 11
Unicorn 13
Unicorn 14
Unicorn 15
Unicorn 16
Unicorn 17
Unicorn 18
Unicorn 19
Unicorn 24
Unicorn 27
Unicorn 28
Unicorn 30
Unicorn 32
Unicorn 33
Unicorn 34
Unicorn 35
Unicorn 36
Unicorn 52
Unicorn 45
Unicorn 47
Unicorn 48
Unicorn 53
Unicorn 54
Unicorn 55

Iain D. McIntosh, Friends of Dundee City Archives 2022

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