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RRS Discovery

Robert Falcon Scott's Ship - RSS Discovery - Built in Dundee.

The Famous RRS Discovery was built in Dundee at the Dundee Shipbuilder’s Yard. It was built to the traditional three Masted Whaling Ship Design, a design Dundee Shipbuilders were famous for. Discovery was launched in 1901 for research in the Antarctic.
Her first voyage was with Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton on the British National Antarctic Expedition of 1901.
She was returned to Dundee in 1985 and forms the centrepiece of the Discovery Point visitor attraction in Dundee. 

The RSS Discovery at Discovery Point - Dundee (Link to the Discovery Point Website)

Discovery 1
Discovery 2
Discovery 3
Discovery 4
Discovery 5
Discovery 6
Discovery 8
Discovery 7
Discovery 13
Discovery 9
Discovery 14
Discovery 11
Discovery 12
Discovery 10

Iain D. McIntosh, Friends of Dundee City Archives 2022

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