The Burgh Records of Dundee

The Locket Book of Dundee (Burgesses of Dundee from 1513 to 2009)


It has to be admitted this is probably not a complete record of the Dundee Burgesses - more old documents need to be explored, translated and the details extracted. Some Additional Burgesses from other sources not included in the database above are added below.

Lockit Book

Additional Information on Dundee Burgesses,

Information from Dr David Dobson

1593 Patrick Air.

Patrick Air of Nether Liff (Patrick son of David Air (portioner of Guthrie) & Margaret Sibbald.
Burgess of Dundee
Husband of Grisel Strachan, feuar of Scone Abbey 1593
Died 1625 testament 16 1 1626 Brechin.
Father of Margaret, Catherine, Euphane Matilda, Patrick, Janet, Guissell.
Forfar Sassines circa 1620 S1.127/177.

Patrick Air (jun)(Portioner of Dunkeny  [died Oct 1672] and  Jean Lindsay    1/5/1649.
Burgess of Dundee
QM of Angus Regiment
Baillie to Viscount Dudhope
Forfar Sassines, Register of Deeds (CS)
Testament 1675, Brechin

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