The Burgh Records of Dundee

Charters, Writs, & Public Documents
In the Repositories of the Town of Dundee

all transcribed from the documents in the archives by Caterina Paesano

Order by EDWARD I. of England, styling himself Lord-Superior of Scotland, declaring JOHN BALIOL the legitimate King of Scotland, and ordering the Castles of Dundee, Forfar, Jedburgh, and Roxburgh to be delivered to him, dated 18th November, 1292
Charter of William Wallace to the Scrimseoures
Order by Edward II. to the Governor and Inhabitants of Dundee to hold out the Castle and Town against the Scots till he should send relief, dated 15th December,1309.
Simile given of Charter King DAVID II. to the Burgesses of Dundee, confirming all their former Burghal Rights and Privileges, and extending and conferring on them Special Rights, and also Jurisdictions independent of the Sheriff of Forfar, dated 20th January, 1359-60.
Charter by King ROBERT II., to PATRICK DE INVERPEFIR, of a third part of the Lands of Craigie, dated 31st May, 1378.; (Simile is given.)
Charter by King ROBERT III. confirming the grant of Sir JAMES LINDSAY of his Tenement in Dundee for a Hospital, (date awanting), about 1391 or 1392.
1391 or 1392
Charter by King ROBERT III. of a Third part of the Lands of Milton of Craigie and of the West Field of Dundee, to the Chaplainry of St. Salvator in the Parish Church of Dundee, dated 7th March, 1391, following upon a Mortification of these Lands by PATRICK OF INVERPEFIR, as authorised by the foregoing Charter by ROBERT II.
Grant by King Robert the Third of a yearly payment of one hundred shillings out of the Customs of Dundee to the altars of St. Mary & St. Salvator to celebrate Mass for the Repose of the Soul of his son, David, Duke of Rothesay, who perished at Falkland Palace. – Dated 8th February 1404-5.
Bond of Relief by King JAMES I. to the Burghs of Edinburgh, Perth, Dundee, and Aberdeen of the Obligation they undertook on his behalf as his ransom to the King of England for 50,000 merks for his liberty, dated 26th March 1424.
Crown Charter by King WILLIAM III. In favour of the Town of Dundee, of the Barony of Hilltown, Lands of Dudhope, and others, dated 20th July, 1697. (Original in Latin)
Deposition of Mr. LYON, Schoolmaster, for favouring the Rebellion.

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