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The Burgh of Broughty Ferry The Passing of Broughty Ferry The old Fisherman's Graveyard
Residents of Broughty Ferry from Directories 1818-1896 The Legend of Princess Charlotte The Legend of Princess Charlotte, another interpretation by Prof Hugh Begg
Broughty Castle
Chevalier de Johnston and Broughty Ferry 1746 (by Prof Hugh Begg) James Moffatt, Minister of Broughty Ferry East United Free Church Broughty Ferry to 1913
By Professor Hugh M. Begg
St Aidens Church
Thomas Dick: Christian Philosopher and Astronomer by Professor Hugh M. Begg.

The Loss of the Broughty Ferry Lifeboat - Mona - Dec 1959.

The Story Files

In the early hours of Tuesday the 8th December 1959 - The small town and community of Broughty Ferry suffered one of the worst Lifeboat Disasters of the century - the whole town united in grief for the Eight brave Broughty Ferry men who were lost that terrible night.

A list of the events and stories from the Archives of Dundee City Archives for that event.

The Story of the Disaster The Facts of the Official Report on the Disaster The Disaster Scene
The Memorial Service The Empty Lifeboat Shed The North Carr Lightship
Report from the Master of the Lightship Report from the MV 'Pharos' The Fate of the Mona
West Church Magazine of that Date 1959 Churchill Quote on the Work of the Lifeboatmen The Work of the Present Day Lifeboat

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