Records of the Scottish High Court of Admiralty

which mention ships and/or people of Dundee

All the records are in manuscript, either bound volumes or bundles of loose papers. They are held at West Register House, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh (the Dundee to Edinburgh buses stop at the door of WRH).


The Contents of Bundles
Reference no AC8
Decrees in Absence

The Minutes sheet is usually the last document in a bundle. It gives the dates of the hearings in the case, and extremely brief notes of the proceedings (as in a Diet Book)

AC8/12  Bean v Trump - 1703
Kenneth Bean pursues William Trump merchant of London, for proceeds of voyage to Maryland made by Mr Henry Guthrie of Dundee in 1699

AC8/21  Smith v Jorans - 1704
Henry Smith merchant of Dundee pursues Capt Benjamin Jorans of Lord Lindsay's Regiment for debt

AC8/23 Abercrombie v Reid - 1704
William Abercrombie skipper of Dundee, boxmaster of the Fraternity of Seamen of Dundee (est 1613) pursues defaulters for payment of dues

Printed table of Primage due to the Fraternity included

Tho Reid skr D'dee
Jn Spink snr skr Arbroath
Wm Watson skr Arbroath

Ja Christie skr Arbroath
Ja Spink jnr skr Arbroath


AC8/503  Kinloch v Duncan - 1734
George Kinloch merchant of Dundee, partner in the Dundee Ropery, pursues the heir of the late David Duncan shipmaster of Dundee, for payment for ropes for the 'Gloucester'. He has also been assigned Duncan's debt to John Constable flesher of Dundee, who has obtained a decreet in Dundee Bailie Court. Enclosed is an Account

AC8/514  Angus v Duncan - 1735  (see also AC8/494)
Charles Angus carpenter of Dundee, pursues John Duncan eldest son and heir of the late Capt David Duncan shipmaster of Dundee, for payment of a bill of exchange. Enclosed are Decreet, Bill and Account

AC8/519  Petition for George Mathie, one of the King's Waiters at the ports of Edinburgh - 1735
Mathie is a creditor of the late David Duncan master of the 'Gloucester' of Dundee. The ship has been rouped and the money is with the clerk of the HCAS. Mathie petitions for his share

AC8/539  Dempster v Simpson - 1737
George Dempster merchant of Perth, and John Coutts and Co of Edinburgh, pursue Arthur Simpson shipmaster of the North Ferry near Dundee, in connection with a cautionry, and an arrestment on his ship the 'Margaret' at Perth. Money is arrested in the hands of Willam and James Fleeming, brewers at the back of the Canongate. Enclosed are a Bond and Condescendance

AC8/547  Coutts v Colquhoun - 1737
John Coutts and Co of Edinburgh, pursue Adam Colquhoun merchant of St Andrews, now of the Canongate, and Arthur Miller merchant of Musselburgh. The case concerns goods shipped by James Skinner merchant of Rotterdam, on the 'Elizabeth' of Dundee, master James Key, and the 'Jean' of Leith, master William Brown. Enclosed are a Letter, Invoice and Receipt

AC8/648  Dempster v Leslie - 1744
In 1741 George Dempster, merchant of Dundee, and others formed a partnership for importing barley from Campveere. George Lesley merchant of Banff, was concerned in one of the cargoes, and owes money. The Bundle contains Accounts

AC8/649  Constable v Smith - 1744
John Constable flesher of Dundee pursues James Smith shipmaster of North Ferry of Dundee, for payment of a bill.

AC8/664  Anderson v Brown - 1746
Robert Anderson shipmaster of Dundee, pursues Robert Brown and Abraham Hamilton servants of Thomas Duff shipmaster of Leith, who took the yoal from his ship the 'Margaret' of Dundee in Leith harbour

AC8/670  Livingstone v Birrell - 1746  (see also AC8/679, 696)
Alexander Livingstone merchant of Rotterdam, trustee David Sandeman merchant of Dundee, pursues James Birrell ex-master of the 'Margaret' of Dundee, for payment of a bill drawn at Rotterdam on Robert Philp shipmaster of Dundee, one of the owners of the ship, and endorsed to Livingstone

AC8/671  Matthew v Philp - 1746
Thomas Matthew clerk of Dundee Ropework, pursues Thomas Philp shipmaster of the North Ferry of Dundee, who owes for cordage

AC8/675  Patton v Fraser - 1746
David Paterson merchant of Dundee, pursues John Fraser merchant of St Andrews for payment of a bill drawn on him by Duncan Robertson

AC8/679  Fairweather v Birrell - 1746  (see also AC8/670, 696)
John Fairweather merchant of Dundee, pursues Robert Birrell ex-master of the 'Margaret' of Dundee, for payment of a bottomry granted at Rotterdam to William Davidson merchant there, and endorsed to Fairweather
7 Items  Precept  Executions  Declaration  Certificate  Account  Decreet

AC8/696  Warrant in favour of James Mansfield merchant of Edinburgh - 1748 
 (see also AC8/670, 679)
Payment of Mansfield's share of the price of the 'Margaret' of Dundee, owner Robert Philp, rouped by the HCAS

AC8/715  Johnston v Doig - 1749
Andrew Johnston merchant of Anstruther, pursues James Doig merchant of Dundee, for payment for imported goods

AC8/718  Maxwell v Henderson - 1749
William and Patrick Maxwell, sons of the late Patrick Maxwell provost of Dundee (factor David Maxwell merchant of Dundee, their brother german), pursue Francis Henderson merchant of Dundee, for debt. They are also 1/16 owners of the 'Pretty Jean'

AC8/725  Forbes v Ross - 1750
John Forbes of Alfoord merchant of Rotterdam, pursues Robert Ross shipmaster of Dundee, master of the 'Buckstone'. In 1748 Forbes shipped muslin and arrack with him, consigned to Robert Robertson and William Nisbet at Eyemouth. Most of the muslin was seized by the Customs, but Ross has not delivered the rest. Account enclosed