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Old Lochee Book 1911.

From "Lochee" - As it was and is - by Alexander Elliot - 1911

printed in 1911 by James P. Mathew & Co, Oaxton House, Cowgate, Dundee.

Drawings by Joseph Lee (the Black Watch Poet)


Book Chapters





Churches and Ministers. — Parish Church: When Built — Early Ministers — Affected by Disruption — Popular Clergyman. St Luke's: Purchase of Structure — Endowed — Repeated Alterations — Tokens of Appreciation by Congregation Awarded to Minister. United Presbyterian Church: Spiritual Life in Lochee early in Century — Building of New Church — Church Described — A Faithful, Revered Pastor — His Successor and Erection of another Church — A Splendid Combination of Ecclesiastical Equipment — The Pastor a Man of Splendid Gifts — A Cultured Divine. East U.F. Church: Congregational Difficulties — Worshipping in Weaving Shed — Two Ministers in Seventy Years — Public Clock. Lochee Road U.F. Church: When Originated — Started as a Mission — Clergymen — Church Built — Wiping off Debt — A Creditable Transaction. The "Iron" Church and St Thomas' Established: Sketch of Origin of "Iron" Church — Its Diffi­culties — Transference to Establishment — New Church at Lochee Road — Successful Ministry. Baptist Church: An Unobtrusive Body. Episcopacy in Lochee: Bishop Forbes' Enterprise — The Building of Places of Worship — Starting of Schools — Clergy­men. Roman Catholicism in Lochee: A Recrudescence — Earlier Places of Worship — Spiritual Needs — Lochee not Overlooked — Purchase of Property for Educational and Religious Purposes at West End — St Clement's Academy — Coming of Nuns — St Mary's Built — Wellburn — Little Sisters of Poor.




Manor House of Logie: Built in Separate Stages — Owners — Dates and Finding of Inscribed Plate — Comes into Possession of Well-known Families — Demolition. Story of the Dark Lady of Logie: Story Mixed with Marvellous and Incredible — Kernel of Tale — Popular Belief Related — Marriage of Princess — Dowry, Weight in Gold — Solicitude of Parent — Will be Cherished as Child in Cradle — Home-coming — Building of Cradle — Princess Immured — Mission of Espionage — Princess Neglected — Death — Prince Apprised — Reported Death of Prince — Husband Proceeds to India — Disappears. Obverse Side of Story: Was Fletcher Read Guilty? — Was he ever in Indian Army? — Did he Marry an Indian Princess? — Proof of Marriage to Another Woman — Date of Same — Name of Wife — Deed of Annuity in Town House — His Death — The Delinquent: Who was He? — Light Thrown upon Another Relative — Residence in Logie House — His Connection with Family of Blackness — The Dark Princess's Children.


Lift: Closely Identified with Old Lochee — Early History of Church — Gifted to Abbey of Scone by Alexander I.— Was it the Church of the Reformation Era? — Religious Upheaval — Church Sacked by Crowd from Dundee — Bell Stolen — Magistrates Order its Return — Curtailed of Former Embellishments — Contentions of Rival Churchmen — Another Church Built — Parishioners Dissatisfied — An Architectural Abomination — Deserved the Sarcasm Lavished Upon It — Third Church Erected — Date, Dimensions, Accommodation — Inscription on Bell — Lift an Attractive Parish — List of Clergymen, Ancient and. Modern. Myrekirk: Secession from Lift — Erection of Manse—Petition to Associate Presbytery — Clergymen and their Emoluments — Disaffection — Depletion in Membership — Debt — Closed — Church Blown Down. Little Kirkie: Offshoot of Myrekirk — Assisted by Haldanes — "Kirkie" Described — Fusion of Sects — Gifted to United Presbyterian Church. U.F. Church, Muirhead, Liff.


The Duncans of Lundie and Camperdown — Settlement of Family at Lundie Castle — Sketches of Principal Members of Family — Remarkable Triumvirate — Municipal 'Distinction — Risings of Mar and Prince Charlie — Loyalty to House of Hanover. A Duncan of Note: Grand Old Soldier — One of Fenimore Cooper's Heroes. Admiral Duncan: Birthplace — Career — Personal Appearance — Blue Ribbon of the Navy Victory — Settlement at Lundie House — His Interest in Old Lochee, its Industries, and People — Death and Burial-place — Succeeding Heads of Family — The Haldanes — Death of Father and Mother — Youth, Training, and Early Predilections — Lady Duncan — Her Interest in her Grandsons — Admiral Duncan and his Nephews — The Homes of the Duncans — The Admiral's Tree, &c.




Druid Circle: Dimensions — Set Apart for Judicial Purposes — Power of Druid Priesthood — The Oak an Object of Veneration — Places of Sanctuary — Other Circles in Neighbour­hood — Underground Dwelling at Camperdown — Chambered Cairns — Sacrificial Kites. Dark Stane Roundie: Large Block of Whinstone on Farm of Menzies Hill — Split by Lightning — Broken into Road Metal — Human Remains Found Below Surface — An Ancient Place of Sepulture — Standing Stones — Public Resorts in Olden Times. Roman Camp at Invergowrie: Conquering Roman Legionaries —"War in its Highest Ideals — Erection of Strongholds — Cattermille — Fine Situation on Gowrie Hill — Agricola and Severus and Building of Camp — Camp Extensive — Subsequently Used by Other Soldiers — Existed till Two Centuries Ago — Derivation of Name — Interesting Picture of Roman Camp Life. Castle of Invergowrie: Stronghold of Alexander I. — Found Refuge in Castle from Conspirators — Abode of Barons of Invergowrie — Discoveries — Paved Court and Remains of Well, Hurley Hawkin: Occasional Royal Residence of Alexander I.— Chase a .Favourite Pastime — King Attacked by Conspirators — His Escape — Fierce Retaliation — Residence Burned — Foundations, Description of.


“Standard" Stone: Tradition Thereanent — Claims to have Supported a Flagstaff — Battle of Pitalpie — Accuracy Questioned — Chroniclers Differ — "Was it King Alpin who Fought Battle? — "Was he Executed on "Standard" Stone? — Fiction Explained — Dundee Historians and Incident — Higher Destiny of Stone — Base of Ecclesiastical Cross — Description of Stone and Measurements — A Neglected and Uncared-for Relic. Village of Pitalpie: Built of Debris of Old Manor — Fine Situation — Antique and Attractive — Traces Still Observable. Village and Chapel of Gourdie: Belonged to Pre-Reformation Days — Built on Site of Camperdown Gardens Near Road to Liff — Chapel of the "Haley Spreit" — Supported by Rent from Tenement in Overgate — An Ecclesiastical Dignitary Offended — Sues for Payment of Dues — Gains Case — Memento of Chapel. Old Road and Gallowhills.

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