The Burgh Records of Dundee

The 1831 Dundee Sasines.

Sasine (Scots Law) is the delivery of Feudal property

Burgh registers were instituted by an act of 1681. Only royal burghs had the registers and the register related to lands within the original burgh boundaries. The Burgh Registers (Scotland) Act of 1926 arranged for their gradual demise.

A Register of Sasines was created in every locality by the Registration Act 1617. It functions to this day on a national level as the Registers of Scotland#General Register of Sasines.

Transfers of property were originally by symbolic delivery, by handing over a clump of ground or a stone or similar object on the property itself, and then registering the "deed of conveyance" in the local "Register of Sasines". Actual sasines on the land itself were made unnecessary by an act of 1845. The "instrument of sasines" was superseded by the recording of the conveyance with a "warrant of registration" by an act of 1858.

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