Dundee War Records

1799 Dundee Militia

At the First meeting, orders were issued to the Schoolmasters of each parish, or other proper officer, to make fair and true lists in writing of all the men usually dwelling within their respective parishes, between the ages of nineteen and twenty three inclusive, distinguishing their ranks and occupations, and if they labour under any infirmity.

This list to be affixed to the door of the church on the Sunday before the return is made.
The lieutenant and his Deputies to hear parties who are aggrieved and the list to be amended at the second general meeting.

1st Battalion/ Regiment, Dundee Volunteers

2nd Battalion/Regiment, Light Infantry

Lieut Colonel James Milne Esq.   Lieut Colonel Alex Riddoch Esq
Major Robert Duff   Major William Scott
Captains Pat Stirling   Captains Thomas Webster (Sen)
  James Johnston     Alex Balfour
  Thomas Bell     John Alison
  William Lindsay     Jas Strachan
  [Sir A. Douglas]*     Thomas Webster (Jun)
1st Lieutenants Andrew McKenzie   1st Lieutenants Andrew Peddie
  James Mitchell     David Martin
  Robert Stirling     Alexander Blyth
  George Blair     John Souter
  [Wm Pitcairn; James Keith]*     [James Edgar; John Crichton]*
2nd Lieutenants William Webster   2nd Lieutenants William Small
  David Brown     Henry Blyth (Jun)
  James Gray     John Webster
  Thos Haliburton     John Bell
Adjutant Charles Adam   Adjutant William Small
Quarter Master William McDonald      
Chaplain Rev Dr Blinshall   Chaplain Patrick McVicar
Surgeon John Crichton   Surgeon Andrew Willison

The Muster Roll



Forfar & Kincardine Artillery

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