Recorded by the Convention of Royal Burghs, 5th July 1750.

Recorded by the Convention of Royal Burghs, 5 July 1750

Followes the English translation of the last staple contract’s ratification by the balliuw, burgermeesters, schepens, & councillors of the city of Campvere, appointed to be recorded by the 33d act of the last convention.

We, balliuw, burgermeesters, schepens, and councillors of the city of Campvere, to all who may see or hear these presents, greeting, make known – That whereas George Drummond, Esqr., lord provost of Edinburgh, and Archibald McAulay, Esqr., lord conservator for the Scots priviledges in the United Netherlands, deputies from the royal burrows of Scotland and Messers Dirk Huybert Verelst, councillor of this city and deputy from this province in the council of state of the United Netherlands,Johan Borcel de Mauregnault, schepen & councillor, and Jacobus de Cliever, secretary as our deputies, did upon the 7th of this month in the Hague make and conclude a contract of prolongation of the present subsisting staple contract, and that for the term of 21 years after the expiration of the said staple contract, and so commenceing the twenty-fifth of December one thousand seven hundred and sixty years, to which contract his serene highness the Prince of Orange and Nassauw, hereditary Stadtholder, as Marquis of this city and principall contractor, has graciously acceded; and to give proof of our sincerity, therefore it is that we agree approve, and ratify, likeas we hereby agree, approve and ratify the contract made by the foresaid deputies of the royal burrows and our forsaid deputies upon the seventh on this moneth in the Hague, promiseing in all truth and sincerity that we shall inviolably observe the same in all its points and articles, without doing anything contrary thereto directly or indirectly in any manner whatsomever. In Testimony whereof we have caused these presents to be signed by our secretary, and the great seal impress’d thereon. Done in Campvere, the 31st December 1748.
Signed, Jacobus De Cliever.