Articles of Agreement for Settling the Staple Port at Dort or Dordrecht. (Page 1)

ratfied by the Convention 7th July 1669

Translated out of the low Dutch language

Dedication Clauses 1-4 Clauses 5-14 Confirmation by Royal Burghs
Clauses 15-27 Clauses 28-38 Clauses 39-50 Confirmation by the King & Attestation

Dedication & Clauses 1 to 4


To all people of what estaite or conditione they are who shall sie or heir these presents to be read. Wee, Burgomasters and Ancient Councell of the citie of Dordrecht or Dort, certifie and make known that wee by our deputies or comissioneris, the lords Johan Hallingh, ruling burgomaster, Adrian van Blyenborgh. Lord of Naltwyck, Jacob van Beverin, lord of Suyndrecht, Cornelis de Witt, ruvaert or chiefe justice of the land of Puttin, or burgomasters or aldermen, and als of the lords Derck, Dammert, Alewyn of Halewyn, John de Witt, John wan Neurewbergh, Nicholas Stoop, Pompeyus Berk, Cornelius Pompe of meerdervoort, lord of Hewdrick, Iden Ambacht, William Langlrie and Gorsprin van out Garden, all of the ancient councell, and lykwayes the lords nir Nicolas Vivien and Arent Muys van Holy, our councell recorder and secretarie respectivelie, have caused to treat with the honourable lords Walter Chieslie of Dalry, Alexander Sandilands, baliffs or burgomaisters of Edinburgh, and Patrick Threepland, provest of Pearth, commissioneris of the royall borrowis of Scotland, togidder with the Lord William Davidsone, knight, barronet, and resident of his Maiestie of Great Britane and conservator of the priviledges of the Scotts natione in these Natherlands, furnisched and provyded with speciall and ample authorizatione by comissione from the above-mentioned royall borrowes of Scotland, granted and confirmed by approbatione of his said royall Maiestie of Great Britaine followeing therwpone, wherof the contents in the closure of this instrument is insert woord for woord, touching and concerneing certane ordinances and statuts necessarie and serviceable for the trafficking and comerce, and lykwayes the rescidence of the Scotts staple court within this citie, And that wee in that behalf are also fullie agreeit and concludit in the forme and maner conteined in the following articles; and therfore wee hawe wnto the Scotts staple afoirsaid, subjects of the said King of Great Britane who now or heirafter shall personallie reseid and traffick or trade within this citie, given and granted and promised that which heir wnder followeth, namely :-

Clauses 1 - 4

  1. And first of all it is speciallie agreeit, and wee burgomaisters and rulers of the city of Dort doe promise that wee, for the conservatione and mantenance of the new allyance and amitie which by divyne providence is made betwein his most illustrious Maiestie of Great Britaine and the hie and mightie Lords and Stats Generall of the vnited Natherlands and the long continowed injoyment if the sweit fruits of so blessed a peace, shall and will in all things to our power in all lawfull occationes or oppertunities seriouslie give a reall and readie demonstratione of our sinceir inclinatione to his Maiesties royall persone, auctoritie, and government and of our continuwall inclonatione to the weelfair and tranquillitie of his Maiesties realms and dominions, and more particullarlie with ane observance of respect tending to the honour of his ancient kingdome of Scotland, and lykwayes to the reputaione and intrest of all his Majesties good subjects therin, conformitie to the saids articles of peace laitlie concluded and established.

  2. Lykas wee also at all tymes heirefter shall and will forbid lett and hinder the buying and selling of all sorts of amunition of war, armes, offensive or defensive, to or by any fugitives, rebells, enemies, or any other diaffected to his royall Majesties interest, and lykwayes the printing and dispressing or publishing of all seditious books or pasqwills, or that the same shall be shipped or transported out of this citie, or any places wndir the jurisdictione therof, wnto any of his Maisties realmes or dominiones, and more especially to his Maiesties kingdome of Scotland, bot that on the contrarie wee, efter that the samen shall be discovered wnto the lord conservatour, and that it shall by the said lord be given ws to wnderstand, then shall and will let, and hinder the samen, and that wee shall also according to demerit cause to be punished all such persones who in maner affoirsaid should happen to offend, and that all such amunitione of war, aither offensive or defensive, arms, and seditious books shall be confiscated.

  3. Furdermore, wee promise wnto these of the Scotts staple to give and grant them publict faith, securitie, and free and safe conduct made in new forme to the vse and behove of the lord conservatour and all otheris belonging wnto or depending wpone the said staple that they in ther persones with their respective families and goods shall and may freelie and peaceacblie dwell, trade, and traffique In this citie and the jurisdictione therof for als many yeires as shall be heirunder specifiet, and if in caice any civill, intestine, or forraigne wares (which God prevent) should aryse in such wayes that those of the said staple could not exercise ther comerce and traffique in freedome and peace, that they then, ther persones, families, and goods, may freelie transport them to such places as they shall find and think expedient; and in persewance therof wee shall and will be ingadged to provyd and furnish them at ther ovne reasonable charges with such ships, hoighes, boats, and other conveniences which shall be found fittest for ther best, securest, and safest transportatione, and also that wee in caice of any warr to aryse (which God prevent) shall and will give all those who resort under the said staple (efter preceeding warneing to them given) the spce of sex monethes to dispose of ther affaires and to recover the debts and also to pay and satisfie that which they then should be indebted wnto any inhabitant heire.

  4. Fourtlie, wee hawe granted and consented wnto these of the said Scotts staple a convenient and weill situat church called (blank), wherein to hawe and vse the exercise of the Christian reformed religione according to the doctrine, service, and disciplin confessed, practised, and by the law of the kingdome of Scotland established, which church shall be keeped in dew repaire to ther content and good lyking without the charges of those of the Scotts staple, wherin or in the which we also give and grant them full and free libertie of sepultur and Cristiane buriall of ther dead at what time soever they please to doe the samen that the said church and the church yaird thereof shall not be employed for or to the buriall of any other persones without preceeding consent granted by the lord conservator.