From the Book of Eminent Burgesses of Dundee 1513 to 1885.

Robert Edward, Minister of Murroes - 10th December 1663



The name of the Rev. ROBERT EDWARD, minister of Murroes Parish, is well known in connection with his Latin Description of the County of Angus, written to accompany a map of the locality engraved in Holland in 1678. He was the son of ALEXANDER EDWARD, a Burgess of Dundee; was born in the Burgh circa 1620; and was presented to the Kirk of Murroes early in 1656, by PATRICK, EARL OF PANMURE. He remained in this charge till the Revolution of 1688, but seems then to have been deprived, and to have removed to Edinburgh, where he died on 23rd March, 1696. His son CHARLES, who took his degree of Master of Arts at St Andrews University in 1679, was appointed colleague to his father in 1684, but was either ousted by the Presbyterian party or abandoned the charge four years afterwards. The elder son of the Rev. ROBERT EDWARD also had the degree of M.A. from St Leonard's College, St Andrews, in 1670, and was presented to the church of Kemback, in Fife. He also was deprived for refusing to pray for KING WILLIAM and MARY, and had to fly to Edinburgh, as his life was threatened.
A very peculiar monument, erected by the Rev. ROBERT EDWARD, in memory of his father and two of his children, may still be seen in the Kirkyard of Murroes. In the upper part the Angel of the Resurrection is shown blowing the last trumpet, whilst in the base the dead are carved in relief, rising in various stages from their graves. Around the surface of the stone are three inscriptions, a quotation from Isaiah xxvi. 19, in Hebrew characters, with the Latin version: 41 Awake and sing, ye that dwell in dust;" and also the phrase from 1 Cor. xv. 52, in Greek characters, "For the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall arise." The centre of the tombstone is thus inscribed:

"A E

Alexander Edvardus, Civis Deidonanis
Qui obiit 22 Maii. Ann. Dom. 1655 Aetatis an. 67.
Neptesque binae Magdalena Edvarda
Quae vitae mense 4to Ann. Dom. 1656
Et Martha Edvarda quae vitae mense
Ibidem 4to Ann. Dont. 1660, obiere .
Hic huimantur."


[ALEXANDER EDWARD, citizen of Dundee, who died 22nd May, A.D. 1655, in the 67th year of his age. Two grand daughters - MAGDALEN EDWARD, in the 4th month of her life, A.D. 1656, and MARTHA EDWARD, also in the 4th month of her life, A.D. 1660, are buried here.]