From the Book of Eminent Burgesses of Dundee 1513 to 1885.

George Haliburton of Fotherance - 21st March 1625



SIR GEORGE HALIBURTON of Fodderance was a younger son of the Pitcur family, the small estate from which he took his title being an appanage of Pitcur reserved for cadets of the HALIBURTONS. He studied the Law as his profession, and was so successful at the Bar he was early promoted to the Bench. On 8th November, 1627, he was advanced to the position of an Ordinary Lord of Session, with the title of LORD FODDERANCE, a vacancy having occurred through the death of LORD KILSYTH. When CHARLES I. visited Scotland in July, 1633, that he might be formally crowned at Holyrood, GEORGE HALIBURTON was knighted; and the same year he was appointed a Member of the Parliamentary Commission for Surveying the Laws. Eight years afterwards (November, 1641), his name was included amongst the Judges re appointed by the KING, with the approval of Parliament. In November, 1642, he was elected President of the Court of Session, and remained in this honourable office till the close of the succeeding year. His last public work was executed as a Member of the Commission appointed for Revising and Arranging the Laws and Acts of Parliament, to which duty he was called on 15th March, 1649. He died some time before August in that year, as his place as an Ordinary Lord of Session was then in the possession of his successor, JOHN DICKSON of Hartrie. He was married to a daughter of SIR THOMAS BLAIR of Balthayock, but the names of his family, if he had any, have not been recorded. In the Register of Baptisms for the Parish of Dundee the following entry occurs:

1646. March 7th. Mr Alexr Wedderburn of Blackness and Clerk of Dundie, a woman child, Helen; Godfather, Sir Geo. Haliburton, Lord Fodderance."

This daughter of the TOWN CLERK was afterwards married to DAVID DICKSON of Hartrie, son of that LORD HARTRIE who succeeded SIR GEORGE as a Lord of Session.

The services which SIR GEORGE HALIBURTON rendered to the Burgh were very considerable. During the protracted dispute betwixt the Town and VISCOUNT DUDHOPE regarding the rights of the CONSTABLE, he was chosen by both parties as referee, together with SIR JOHN LESLIE, LORD NEWTON of Session, and it was chiefly through their counsel that these disputes were ultimately terminated. The "Articles of Agreement between the VISCOUNT OF DUDHOPE and the Town of Dundee for removing all controversies betwixt them" are still preserved in the Charter room, and are dated 12th October, 1643. A copy of them is printed in HAY'S Charters and Writs, p. 86.