Articles of Agreement for Settling the Staple Port at Campheer, 1612.

Extracted from “Records of the Convention of Royal Burghs 1597 – 1614”

FOLLOWIS THE AUTHENTICK COPY OF THE CONTRACT, maid betuixt Dauid Aikenheid, merchand burges of the burgh of Edinburgh, and William Goldmane, merchand, burges of the burgh of Dundie, commissioneris for the pairt of the burrowis of the kingdome of Scotland, directit be the saidis Burrowis to the toun of Campheir for reestablisching the staple of the natioun, assisted br Sir Robert Dannelstoun, Lord Conservatour, on the ane pairt; and Messire Jacques de Maldere, Sieur de Haijs etc., President, representing the Noble Esaittes and Counsall of Zeland, Sieur Iohne Maregualt, baillie of the said toune and Marquesate, commissioners for the pairt of his Excellence Marques of the said toun, and Iohne Pitersone Van Essen, Maister Iasper Apollony, burrowmaisteris, and Enoch Pottei, pensionars deputtes for the pairt of the magistrat of the said toun, on the vther pairt; of the dait the nytene day of November the zeir of god ane thousand sex hundreth and tuelf zeires; translaitted out of French in English:

ABLEIT it be of veritie that of longe tyme the Scottis natioun hes had thair remaining and keipit the staiple of thair merchandices in this Toun of Campheir, and that thair hes bene auld alyances alsweill betuixt the Princes as the people on both pairtis, also contractis, be the quhilkis the Natioun and the said toun of Campheir ar mutaullie bund and obleissit, zit of laite the Lordis Commissioneris of Borrowis within the kingdome of Scotland vpone certane consideratiounes had deliberatit to remove thair staiple frome heir and to estaiblisch the sayme in sum vther plaice, nochtheless in consideratioun of the foirsaid allyances and the good will and plesour of his Maistie the King of Great Britane quiha hes bene solicitatit in favour of the said toun, as lykwayis the lordis commissioneris of the Borrowis of the kingdome of Scotland, it hes pleasit the Lordis Commissioneris of the saidis Borrowis to direct hither thair commissioneris, Dauid Aikinheid merchand burges of Edinburgh, and William Goldman merchand burges of the burgh of Dundie, assistit be Sir Robert Dannelstoun lord Conservatour, with full power and commission to thame to treate of new in thair names with the Magistrat of this toun concerning the remaining of the said staiple within the samyne, as is evident be the commissioun of the foirsaidis Lordis Commissioneris of Burrowis, of the dait the tuentie fyft day of Iulj in the zeir of God Jmvjc and tuelf zeiris, subscryuit be thair secretar Guthre; be vertew of the quhilk commissioun the saidis commissioneris assistit as of before on the ane pairt, and Messire Jacques de Maldere sieur de Haijs etc. President and representing the Noble Estaittis and Counsall of Zeland, together with Jan de Maregualt baillie of the said toun and Marquesat, compeiring be speciall commissioun for the pairt of his Excellence Marques of the said toun, and the deputtes of the said magistrat of the said toun of Campheir, to witt, the richt honorabill Iohne Pitersone Van Essen, MaisterIasper Apollony, and Maister Enoch Pottey pensioner of the said toun, on the vther pairt, after dyvers communicatiounes vppone the propositiounes and demandis of the saidis commissioneris, are finallie agreit vpone the pointes and articles following: -

1, IMPRIMIS Hie Excellence as Marques of this toun, Borrowmaisteris, Eschivins and Counsall of the samyne, promises to approve and ratifie all the haill priueleges, liberties, and immunities that heirtoofore hes bene grantit to the Scottis natioun be the laitt Emperour Chairles the Fyft, Phillip the secuund king of Spaine, Duik of Braband, Countis of Flanders, or ony vther Princessis of the Law Countreyis in the tounes of Birges, Antwarp and vtheris quhair the said natioun hes had thair staiple and residence heirtofore, with all the conditiounes grantit to the said natioun in the zeir of God ane thowsand fyve hundreth threi score auchtene, be the foirsaidis burrowmaisteris, eschevins, and counsall.

2. AND, to the end that the natioun be not frustratit of the word of God and of the exercise of the reformit religioun in thair awin proper languaige, the magistrat sall provyde ane proper and commodious kirk quhair they may heir preitching, prayeris, and the sacrament celebratitt, with ane buriell plaice to burye thair deid, and sall porvyde for thait minister ane honest hous with all the priueleges injoyit be the factours of the said natioun.

3. FARDER, the said magistrat promises, for eviting of all perillis and dainger that may happin to the schippes of the natioun, to interteyne continuallie the markis, meithes, and twnes in the mouth of the channell of this toun, and gif it sal happin that anie Scottis schips be tempest or storme of wether be compellit to promeis to pillotis quhatsomeuir they sall requyre for inbringing of thame, the maisteris at thair saif aryvell sall not be haldin to pay all that thai promisit, bot the magistrat sall modifie the samyn according to ressoun.

4. TO THE EFFECT, the natioun may be weill accommodit with ane convenient plaice within the heaven, the magistrate apointes the haill schore quhairwith they haif bene seruit in tyme bygane, to witt frome the gritt brig to the hous callit Olyphant, and gif the schipis of the natioun salhappin to be heir in swa grit number that the foirsaid plaice cannot suffice thame, in that caice they salbe accommodeit with farder boundis neidfull in causing remove all vther schips from the schore be the peirmaister, to the end that na contraversie fall out betuixt the marineris and anie of the natioun; and the said nagistrat sall tak sic ordour in this point that nane of the natioun sall haif iust caus to complene; and the said peirmaister salbe haldin to interynnie the said plaice of the schore void and cleane quhairby the schipis of the natioun may more commodiouslie lose and laidin without any impaschment mad to thame, and sall haif cair that all occasiounes in the incumming and outgoing of thair schipis the heaven salbe patent without anye impediment.

5. LYKWAYES, the merchandis arryving at the port salbe weel servit by pynores, laboreis, warkmen, sellers, and lofits, at ane reasonabill pryce according to ane taible maid be the Commissioneris, Conservatour, and magistrat of this toun, deluverit to the saidis commissioners and Lord Conservatour, and the saidis laboreris and warkmen salbe haldin to observe and keip the samin inviolabille as it is sett doun be the saidis commisioners. And lykewayes all the merchandice lost out of thair schippis salbe transportit af the schore in winter before threi houres efternone and in summer before sax houres at nicht.

6.THE MAGISTRAT of the said toun sall mak choice of ane or twa famous men quha in presence of my lord conservatour sall mak faith to mett and mesour trewly all the cloath and plaidis of the natioun, and farder obleissis thame to mak the yrne wecht of the wey hous heir conforme to the wecht of the wey hous of Middilburgh.

7. As concerning the impositioun heirtofoir layit vpone the skins, hyds, plaidis, and salmond, payit be thair nichtboures and vther straingeris quha boght the samin within this toun, the said magistrat renunces the samin for the present and sall not impose tha samin in any tyme cumming.

8.If it salhappin any questioun to aryse betuixt the ressaiver if the toll and onye of the said natioun the said tollmaister salbe haldin to intend and persew his actioun before the magistrat of this toun, and sic order salbe takin that nane of the natioun salbe extortionatit bot the said toll salbe dewlie payit according to the auld listis and taibles, quhairof ane copey salbe gevin to the commissioneris and my lord conservatour.

9. AND gif anye questioun or actioun aither ciuile or criminall fall out betuixt any of the said natioun and anie of the subjectes of thir pairtis, and my lord conseruatour or his deputtes salbe desyrit, as also in any actioun that may fall out betuixt any of the said natioun and the reseiver of the toll, not only to heir and vnderstand the contraversie gif it pleis him bot also to alledge quhat he sall think expedient for the richt of the said natioun before that it salbe leasume to the said magistrat to geve out sentence definitive; and gif it salhappin any questioun or contraversie aither ciuile of criminall to fall out betuixt any of the natioun among thame selffis, the actioun salbe judgit and decydit be sentence definitive of my lord conservatour and his assistance, sua that na judge or magistrat of this toun sall haif power to deale therin according to the ancient custome.

10. If any of the Scottis natioun find him self greivit be the decreittes and sentences of the said magistrat it salbe leasume to him to appeale omisso medio to the Great Counsale of Holland als freilie as anie burges of this toun, and the decreittes and sentences gevin in favour of the Scottis natioun sall with all expedtioun be put to executioun aaccording to the priveliges of the said toun and lawis of the cuntrey; and gif it salhappin anye of the said natioun to haif adoe before the Lordis of the Counsall of Zeland, lords of the Admiralty or the counsall of the toun of Middilburgh, for the staying of thair schips, or for the confiscatioun of thair merchandices, or for the inward custome of guides cumming from Scotland hither, beand fund insufficient, the said magistrat sall assist theme be the pensioner or any vther of thair counsall to the effect the natioun may be well vsit and favourit as ane of ane of our burgessis.

11. ITEM, thair salbe provydit to the said natioun ane sufficient hous that sall serue thame for ane Consergarie, vpone the tounes chairges, quhair all the merchandis and marineris cumming from Scotland may ludge, or at leist salbe haldin to dyne, soupe, eat, and drink at all occasiounes, and the said hous with the Scottis schipps salbe exemit and fred of all excyses and impositiouns layit vpone wyne and beir both strong and small in sick quantitie as salbe neidfull to be consumit within the hous or schips foresaidis. And incais the said hous be not capabill and the number of the natioun be sua grit that the said hous can not ludge theme, besyd these that may retire them to the factours houssis for the bedding only, the said magistart salbe haldin in inlairge the said hous and mak it of sufficient greatnes, quhilk failzeing they accord ane vther hous or sould vpone the natiounes awin expenssis for the resaivine and ludging of the merchandis and marineris, the quhilk hous sall haive the lyk priuleges and franchises and salbe rewlit in all thinges as the Consergerie. And for eviting of all fraud that may fall out to the preudice of the commounweel and toun, it sall not be leasume to the Maister of the Consergerie nor to ony vther of the natioun to sell any beir or wyne to burgessis or ony vtheris not being of the natioun, nether in grit or small, to be consumit ather within or without the said hous vnder payne of punishment according to the lawis of the untrey, and as ane of our awin burgessis. Also it sall not be lesum to sell anie beir or wyne to anie of the natioun to be consumit out of the said hous bot in tyme of necessitie vnder the samyne payne. And incais anie merchand inveitt to denner or supper anie vther not being of the said natioun, being be the said merchand defrayit, it salbe leasum and permittit to him, and the said Maister of the Consergerie salbe haldin to pay no maill or mak anie reparatioun except in sic things as be him or his ar hurt and indamnagit.. And the Consergerie with the kirk and ministers hous salbe reddie in the monthe of Maij nixtocum.

12. AND the haill Scottis factours sall haif the lyk exemptioun and prieuledge if thair wyne and beir, als weill strong as small, for the prouisiounes of thair families only and to be consumit dewlie. The Scottis merchandis heir or elsquhair sall not mak thair bloks or bargane within the hous of the Consergerie nor in thair awin houssis bot in the tavernes of the toun according to vse and wont The Maister of the Consergerie nor zit na vther Scottis factouris salbe haldin to watch, warde, nor doe any vther personall seruice, nor to ludge sudderts or vther men of weir.

13. LYKWAYIS ane prissoun hous salbe appointit witin the toun quair my lord Conseruatour or his depute may imprisoun any sic as be him ar confynit, and to relieve at his plessour without acknowledgement of the magistrate of the said toun.

14. ITEM, for the natuioun thair salbe appointit ane plaice or field without the toun for thair pastyme and recreatioun; as also it salbe leasume to my lord Coservature and vtheris merchandis, factours, and men of qualitie to hunt and schute with the hagbute through all the precint of the territorie of Campheir according to the lawis of the cuntrey, and als frielie as these quha ar priuiledgit.

15. IF IT SALHAPPIN anye of schips of the natioun cumming to this heaven laidnit with the merchandices of the staiple to be robbit or pylat be pirattis, the magistrate gif it be in his power sal geve breiff and summer iustice for the restitutioun of the robbit goodes; and gif the said pirattis be of ony vther plaice within the vnited Provinces the said magistarte salbe ableissit to gif help and assistance to the pairties robbit, be thair Pensioner or any vther of the number vpone the tounes chairges, to follow and persew in all plaices for the recoverie of thair robbit goodes.

16. AND to the end the natioun may be better servit and accommdeit in transporting of thair merchandise from Middilburgh hither, inrespect that in the winter season sume tyme they ar hurt and damnefeit be raine, the magistrat of the toun sall cause build twa or thrie boates, or mae gif neid beis, flatt bottimit, covered and overlappit, ticht vnder and above, furnshit with men and vther necessars for serving in the saiddis bottis of sick quantitie as the brig vpone the passaige will permitt, that they of the natioun may be weill seruit at all occasiounes accoridng to the tyme and seasoun of the zeir, vpon sic pryces as salbe agreit vpone be the commissioners, my lord conservatour , and the deputtes of this toun; and to mak the passages be water potative to the saidis bottis sa far as in theme lyes; and sall intertinne ane cran for dischairging of the saidis bottes, and keip the plaice voide and cleane quhair they lose, and sall cause build besyd the cran ane hous of timber covered for keiping of the merchand guides frome raine.

18. THE said magistrat sall hald frie the Scottis natioun of the payment of the impositioun of the convoy of anie merchandices of the staiple cumming from Scotland to this toun; and gif it salhappin that anie new impositioun heirefter salbe layit vpone the saidis merchandices, quhair it salbe fund that the Inglish natioun salbe frie and exemit, at Middilburgh, the said magistrat salbe bund to be frie and exime the said natioun heir.

19. AND FARDER, for the love and affectioun that the said magistrat beires to the Scottis natioun, thai obleis thame to caus the said natioun injoy all these priviledges, immunities, liberties, and exemptiounes quhilkis the Inglish natioun persentlie injoyes at Middilburgh, or may injoy at any tyme heirefter. Provyding that it be in the power of the said toun ather to procure of gev the samyn.

20. AND BECAUSE the merchandis findis theme selffis oft desaivit be the factours and thair aires, thairfore the said Magistrate pormises at the desyre of my lord conservatour or his depute at all occasiounes neidfull, being requyrit, to put in inventure all the guides, gold, siluer, compts, obligatiouns and merchandice of the defunct, or of thair factours in thair lyfetime, be suspected to faill quhairby richt and iustice may be done among the creditours, according to the lawes and custime of the cuntrie and of this toun; and gif it salhappin any merchandices to be fund in the defunctis houssis perteining to the merchands of the natioun, frie and vnsaulld wiothout burdene, ather be the merchand or factour, in that caice it salbe leasum to the awneris of the said guides to intromet with the samyne.

22. FINALLIE, the borrowmaisteris, eschevins, and counsall, promises in caice any thing cum to thair knawleeg ather be thame selffis or be the advertisement of my lordis commissioners of the burrowis of the said kingdome or be my lord Conseruatour or his deput, that may for the weill of the said natioun, to do all thair endevores ether before the lordis of the Estaits Generall, Lordis of the Estaittes of Zeland, or Lords of the Admiralitie, and to obtene the samyne if it be possibill, to the end they may retent thair guidwill and affectioun towards thame.

IN RESPECT of all these pointes and articles, quhilks the magistrate of this toun promises to intertinne and obserue and caus be intertenneit and obseruit inviolabille, the foirsaidis commissioners and my lord Conseruatour in name of saidis burrowis hes promisit, and promesis presentlie be thair subscriptiounes, that ordour salbe taikin with diligence to inhibite anie schip of the staiple to frequent or haunt any vther port or heaven within the Law Cuntreyis bot in this toun of Campheir, and that na staiple merchandice salbe transported to anye vther port, and to caus punisch rigerouslie all these that sall doe in the contrare; and the saidis Commissioners assures the said Magistrat that sua lang as the ancient amitie and affectioun continewis, and that it sall pleis the saidis lordis Commissioneris of the Borrowis of the said kingdome, and the commodities of the natioun will permit thame, to haunt and frequent the said toun with the merchandises of the staiple, and his Excellence Marquis of the said toun and the said Magistrat sall haif the said natioun in thair protectioun and saifguard,

IN CONFIRMATIOUN QUHAIROF we the Commissioners and Conservatour foresaid, in name of the Borrowis of the said kingdome of Scotland, and we the deputs for his Excellence Marquis of the said toun and we the deputs of the Magistrat of the samin, has subscryvuit this present contract within the toun of Campheir the nyntene day of November the zeir of God jm sex hundreth and tuelf zeiris, and the Great Seill of the said toun is appendit theirto.

Transcribed by Innes A. Duffus, Honorary Archivist to the Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee, from Dundee Town Clerk's copy of Extracts from the Records of the Convention of Royal Burghs (published by the Scottish Burgh Records Society, 1878-1918).

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