From the Book of Eminent Burgesses of Dundee 1513 to 1885.

David, Earl of Craufurd, (Crawford), Provost - 25th September 1565.



DAVID, tenth EARL OF CRAUFURD, occupies a peculiar position in the civic history of Dundee. He was the son of ALEXANDER, Master of Craufurd known in history as "the Wicked Master" and of JEAN, daughter of LORD SINCLAIR. His grandfather, the eighth EARL OF CRAUFURD, had been cruelly treated by the "Wicked Master," who had seized, fettered, and imprisoned him; and in revenge for his unnatural conduct the injured EARL had disinherited his immediate descendants, and conveyed the title and estates to his cousin, DAVID LINDSAY of Edzell. The latter, "being of a generous disposition," re conveyed the title and estates to the son of the Master, merely reserving the title of EARL OF CRAUFURD to himself for his lifetime. At his death, therefore, in 1558, DAVID LINDSAY became tenth EARL OF CRAUFURD. He was a firm adherent of the Marian party, and supported both the QUEEN DOWAGER and the QUEEN in their struggles with the Lords of the Congregation. The attitude which PROVOST HALIBURTON had taken in this contest had seriously displeased the QUEEN, and when she and DARNLEY came to Dundee in 1565, HALIBURTON had wisely left the Burgh with a band of the principal Protestant Burgesses, and joined the insurgent EARL OF MORAY. Dundee was therefore without a Provost, and the QUEEN took the opportunity of placing her faithful follower, the EARL OF CRAUFURD, in that important office.

The ancient connection of the CRAUFURD family with the Burgh of Dundee has already been referred to [vide page 12], and it seemed to afford an excuse for placing her favourite in this post. Those of the Town Council who had remained in the Burgh acquiesced for the time in this arbitrary act, and to give it an appearance of regularity, they inscribed the EARL OF CRAUFURD'S name upon the Burgess Roll. The first meeting of the Council under the presidency of the new PROVOST was held on the 25th September the very day on which his name was enrolled and the first official act of the EARL OF CRAUFURD was to order the payment of the expenses incurred during the entertainment of QUEEN MARY and DARNLEY in Dundee. The rapidly changing fortunes of the QUEEN soon affected the condition of Dundee, and the EARL OF CRAUFURD found it expedient to demit his office at the end of a twelvemonth. JAMES HALIBURTON then returned, and was replaced in his former position as Provost of Dundee, and he retained that honourable post without interruption for twenty years afterwards.

The EARL OF CRAUFURD was married in 1546 to MARGARET, daughter of CARDINAL BEATOUN, and had four sons, two of whom succeeded himself as EARLS OF CRAUFURD, whilst a third was created LORD SPYNIE, and was the chosen companion of JAMES VI. The EARL died at Lordscairnie, Fife, in 1574, and was buried in the family vault within the Cemetery of the Gray Friars Monastery, now the Howff of Dundee.