From the Book of Eminent Burgesses of Dundee 1513 to 1885.

George Haliburton of Pitcur - 20th June 1559



GEORGE HALIBURTON of Pitcur was the son of ANDREW HALIBURTON and KATHERINE GRAHAME, and the nephew of PROVOST JAMES HALIBURTON, to whom allusion has already been made (vide page 24). He was merely an infant when his father died, and the guardianship of the estate thus fell upon PROVOST HALIBURTON, who was designated from this circumstance the "Tutor of Pitcur," a name which adhered to him throughout his long life. His position as Provost at this time probably accounts for the enrolment of his nephew. GEORGE HALIBURTON was knighted by QUEEN MARY previous to the battle of Langside, but he seems to have adhered to the faction of the REGENT MORAY after the QUEEN's flight to England and imprisonment, and he became a firm supporter of JAMES VI. He was married to ELIZABETH LEIRMONTH, daughter of SIR JAMES LEIRMONTH of Balcomie, in 1553, and they obtained a joint charter of the lands of Eglismagirdill from the Abbot and Convent of Lindores in 1568. He signed the "Band of the Baronis in the North," onfirming the pacification made by the REGENT MORTON in 1574, and he survived the perturbed times which succeeded that date. The last trace to be found of him is in 1594, at which time his son JAMES is referred to as his "sone and heir appearand." His name was inscribed on the monument erected by the Town Council of Dundee as a memorial of PROVOST HALIBURTON in 1588; and this seems to indicate that the connection Of SIR GEORGE HALIBURTON of Pitcur with the Burgh was highly esteemed at that period.


Iain D. McIntosh, Friends of Dundee City Archives