From the Book of Eminent Burgesses of Dundee 1513 to 1885.

Alexander Guthrie, fiar of that ilk - 20th June 1559.



The family of GUTHRIE of Guthrie is one of the oldest in Forfarshire, and they have held the estate from which their territorial title is derived from the time of DAVID II. SIR DAVID GUTHRIE was Sheriff of Forfarshire in 1457, was made Armour bearer to JAMES III., and became Lord Treasurer of Scotland in 1461, and Lord Clerk Register in 1467. Shortly afterwards he was one of the ambassadors sent from this country to conclude the Peace of Newcastle; and in 1473 he was made Lord Chief Justice of Scotland. His son, SIR ALEXANDER GUTHRIE, was con¬nected by marriage with the families of GLAMIS and of DUDHOPE, and he fell fighting by the side of his Sovereign at Flodden Field. His grandson and successor was ANDREW GUTHRIE of Guthrie, whose son ALEXANDER was the Laird at the date of this entry. ALEXANDER GUTHRIE, for some unexplained reason, had quarrelled with the family of his mother, CHRISTIAN GARDYNE of Gardyne, and a feud ensued which resulted in the assassination of the LAIRD OF GUTHRIE in his house of Inverpeffer, by the hand of his cousin, PATRICK GARDYNE. To avenge his death, his second son, WILLIAM GUTHRIE of Gagie, accompanied by several of his associates, "bodin with daggis and pistolletis," set upon PATRICK GARDYNE, the murderer of his father, "and cruellie, schamefullie, and unmercifullie slew him be schot of ane gun or dag, upoun set purpois and provisioun." For this outrage he was denounced a rebel, but no proceedings were taken against him. ALEXANDER GUTHRIE, who is entered here as a Burgess, was the eldest son of the ALEXANDER' GUTHRIE who was murdered, and of his wife ISABEL, daughter of WILLIAM WOOD of Bonnyton. He was married in 1568 to AGNES, daughter of SIR ALEXANDER FALCONER of Halkerton, and was succeeded at his decease by his eldest son, bearing the same name.