From the Book of Eminent Burgesses of Dundee 1513 to 1885.

Thomas Fotheringhame of Powrie - 12th November 1526.



The earliest evidence of the settlement of the F0THRENGHAM family near Dundee is found in a charter by ROBERT II, dated 16th October, 1377, confirming to THOMAS DE FFODRINGHAY, Son of HENRY DE FFODRINGHAY, the lands of Ballunie, which had been in possession of the latter. From the "Book of the Church" it appears that HENRY OF FOTHRINGHAM was Provost of Dundee in 1454.

The Fothringhams acquired the lands of Powrie early in the fifteenth century, and their names have since been closely associated with Dundee. THOMAS FOTHRINGHAM of Powrie was the intimate friend of DAVID, DUKE OF MONTROSE (ok 1495), and he represented Dundee in the Conventions of 1482 to 1485. His descendant, the THOMAS FOTHRINGHAME whose name appears here, was deeply engaged in the political turmoils which took place after the death of JAMES V., and was one of the leaders who directed the movements of the band of Burgesses who went from Dundee to Perth to resist the appointment of the EARL OF ARRAN as Regent in 1542.

In this unsuccessful attempt he was associated with ROBERT MAULE of Panmure (vide page 15), THOMAS WINTON of Strathmartine, and his own brother in law, JOHN CHARTERIS of Cuthil Gurdy, and was mulcted in a heavy penalty for his so called treason. From a charter of 1549, granting certain lands to his widow, ALISONE CHARTERIS, we learn that both he and his brother in law fell at the Battle of Pinkiecleuch, in September, 1547, fighting under the Standard of the QUEEN (sub Reginae vexillo). Several of his descendants will be found enrolled amongst the Burgesses of Dundee.