From the Book of Eminent Burgesses of Dundee 1513 to 1885.

Lord Gray, Provost - 3rd October 1513.


The family of GRAY was first settled in the Carse of Gowrie in the beginning of the fourteenth century, Sir. ANDREW GRAY of Chillingham. obtaining the lands of Longforgan from King ROBERT I. In 1306, for military services. It is probable that he received large grants of land in the neighbourhood of Dundee at that time, as we find his descendants in unquestioned possession of the West Field and the Common Meadow of Dundee shortly after that date, whilst the LADY EGIDIA GRAY in 1360 had a widow's terce out of the produce of the Mills and Fishings of Dundee. The title of BARON GRAY was conferred Upon SIR ANDREW'S descendant and name¬sake before 1437; and the LORD DE GRAY who was Provost of Dundee was the third holder of that title. He was the son of PATRICK, Master of Gray, and ANNABELLA, daughter of the first LORD FORBES, and succeeded his grandfather in 1469. His name appears frequently in the history of the time, as he was a prominent Member of the Privy Council of JAMES IV., and held the office of Justice General of Scotland. In 1488 he was appointed to the Heritable Sheriffdom of Angus a post similar in dignity to that of Lord Lieutenant of the County in our day which office was administered by his descendants till about 1630. He was twice married, his first wife being a grand daughter of the EARL MARISCHAL, and his second a grand daughter of LADY JOANNA BEAUFORT, Queen of JAMES I. His name does not appear as Provost of Dundee anywhere save on the Burgess Roll. He died in 1514, the year succeeding this entry. Several of his descendants appear at a later date as Honorary Burgesses of Dundee.