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The Friends of Dundee City Archives is an organisation, established in 1989 to support the work of the archivists in Dundee.

An important aim of the group is to raise public awareness of the work of the Archivist's office and of the importance of preserving documents which may be of value to historians in future years. Money raised from members subscriptions and other activities has helped to purchase important historical papers that would otherwise have been lost to the City and so has contributed to the preservation of Dundee's documentary heritage.

The Friends arrange activities throughout the year, most notably a long running series of monthly lunchtime talks on topics of local historical interest.

The text of these talks forms the nucleus of a regular newsletter, which is distributed to each member, and social events and outings are arranged from time to time.

Individual or corporate membership of the Friends allows you to share in these and other activities and will help to ensure that the valuable work of the group continues.

As we receive no funding from any body other than from subscriptions from our own members - Donations for download information would be gratefully appreciated. Please send to FDCA, c/o Archives and Record Center, 21 City Square, Dundee, DD1 3BY. Thank You.

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